Loudest Elbow Knockout I Have Ever Heard


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Anonymous +0 Points December 12, 2015

thats what my shin sounded like when it snapped

DOOM TO ALL WIGGERS to the niggerobsessedwhitefag -1 Points March 26, 2015

Hey whitefag that's what your name is on here from now on. There wasn't a black dude in here you obsessed faggot. hahahahah how does it feel to constantly stress and obsess about black people even when they aren't there. Do the world a favor. Do something about it bitch. Go get a job at your wal-mart and be a manager make some $ and then fly out to your boyfriend " Ffagthat's50" in cali and suck his dick hahahaha

MaRaWaNNa -1 Points March 26, 2015

Better him than me

"C" -1 Points March 26, 2015

That's going to leave a mark.

darwin -1 Points March 26, 2015

@ Ugly white mother f*ckers... Wrestling "rinks"? Vince McMahon has gone too far.

dafsf -1 Points March 26, 2015

that is the sound of a cracked jaw.

juanhunglow -1 Points March 26, 2015

@ugly white- in your hurry to not be racist, you forgot to notice that they are not white.

Ugly white mother f*ckers -1 Points March 26, 2015

Uncivilized, barbaric, ugly f*cking racist human beings on this site and in the wrestling rinks.


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