Dominick Cruz wrecks Takeya Mizugaki

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supes +0 Points September 30, 2014

wheres the mcgregor fight?

Boring +0 Points September 29, 2014

Not really impressed

dfaf +0 Points September 29, 2014

the ref let him get a few more hits in even tho the guy was knocked out LOL

"C" +0 Points September 29, 2014

Pretty apparent the judge still holds some bad feelings from World War 2

sad +0 Points September 29, 2014

So no doubt Joe Rogan needs to dribble his way through commentary of every fight. You would think he would have learned to swallow by now!

Champ never left +0 Points September 29, 2014

He never left!!!!!! Fuck yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get them Alpha Fails!!!

darwin +0 Points September 29, 2014

Australian Football without the ball.

o rly? +0 Points September 29, 2014

that was terrible defense- it seemed like he threw the fight.


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