Daniel Del Rossi's Fail Dive At The World Cup

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h +0 Points June 21, 2010

typical pussy italian move haha no wonder your the laughing joke of jersey shore

f +0 Points June 17, 2010

You can pull a muscle by running normally. He prob was dehydrated. Maybe you should step away from the computer and acheive something physical other then making fun of people who make you look like piss on a toilet seat. But ya fuck soccer.

wtf +0 Points June 17, 2010

you should get a red card for doing that

dick +0 Points June 17, 2010

FUCK THIS GAME,rather watch ping pong,more scoring and way more actionFUCK THIS GAME,FUCK IT

brooklyngod +0 Points June 17, 2010

i guess. oh si

baseball is gay +0 Points June 17, 2010

dude he stepped on him you blind fucks!!! the pain is crazy

at least... +0 Points June 17, 2010

in basketball players usually get hit... they just exagerate the impact. these soccer players go down and flail about like they have compound fractures WHEN THEY NEVER EVEN GET TOUCHED!

lilzook +0 Points June 17, 2010

OMG...soccor is soooo fucking gay...ugh

Bitching about +0 Points June 17, 2010

faking reminds me of Basketball

soccer sucks +0 Points June 17, 2010

This is why I hate soccer. People say they are "the best athletes in the world" but they are all just pussies, faking injuries so they can catch their breath and try to cheat their opponents

omg +0 Points June 17, 2010

Get the fuck up you drama queen

HAHAHA +0 Points June 17, 2010

What a loser.. embarass yourself on worldwide TV

umm +0 Points June 17, 2010

they need to put a couple of hungry, wild lions on the field with them, THEN it would be worth watching...oh man, id pay good money to watch that shit

umm +0 Points June 17, 2010

LOLOL!!!! this is what makes soccer! this is what EVER soccer player trains for. its a soap opera on grass. wrestling with a goalie. what a shitty horrible excuse for a sport.

sir +0 Points June 17, 2010

@Cuntflaps - you're a DAFT CUNT

fruits +0 Points June 17, 2010

exactly why I hate fucking soccer. stupid pussy.

4 boma bin laden +0 Points June 17, 2010

for sure, if cheating like a pussy is part of the game, then he IS a good player...

Cuntflaps +0 Points June 17, 2010

Keep an eye on the Brazilians also.

kjij +0 Points June 17, 2010

ribbit, ribbit.

JustSaying +0 Points June 17, 2010

Just another pussy playing a pussy game for the entertainment of a bunch of pussies. I don't get it...why is this pussy game so popular.

desperate +0 Points June 17, 2010

The Italians are desperate this year. They know they won't win so they're pulling out all the stops.

Obama bin laden sux +0 Points June 17, 2010

Good player.... but clearly a cheating fagot of the highest caliber. Should be a straight red card

No surprise +0 Points June 17, 2010

Nothing new here. It's the Italian team we're talking about.

italians... +0 Points June 17, 2010

there arent any more tough ones.

Typical +0 Points June 17, 2010

Fucking Italian dive artist. The Italians are a bunch of faggots. Please, someone try and defend this.


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