Cocky Fighter Has the Greatest Victory Pose

I have no explanation for the Charlie Brown skeleton, tribal rain dance shit he was puling off before the KO... but the aftermath was some next level shit for sure.

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User Comments (22)

  • "C" @ 03/15/15 02:47PMBest Comment
    Sportsmanship is a thing of the past.
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  • cuntswaylow @ 03/15/15 04:37AM
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  • juanhunglow @ 03/15/15 04:36AM
    I was really hoping the krakka would win
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  • LOL @youngblackmale @ 03/16/15 11:32PM
    "white racists cant write English" Thanks for "proving" white racist cant write English. Meanwhile "Most poorest"? LOL what a fucking idiot
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  • Young Man with Dark skin @ 03/15/15 05:27PM
    Asians don't scream "Asian Power" Blacks don't scream "Black power" Latinos don't scream "Latino power" Indians don't scream "Indian power" Why do whites feel the need to scream "White power" knowing full well that 98% of US congress is white people? Young Black Man Wanna F*CK White Females!
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  • Wtf @ 03/15/15 05:24PM
    If you're so intelligent why d'ya let us take your land and put in in chains? Monkey muppet
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  • darwin @ 03/15/15 05:19PM
    Just a matter of time. Next fighter might not take too kindly of being made a fool.
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  • White racists can't write English @ 03/15/15 04:08PM
    "Your the biggest racist here" Hahahaha. I have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that white racist neanderthals have IQs lower than the most poorest and most uneducated black person on this planet. Remember this white racists: Your ancestors stole our land and used us for slaves. You owe me reparation. Where's the money?
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  • BiPolarHighRoller @ 03/15/15 01:09PM
    Follow on wikipedia and wait for the loss by knockout. It's cool to be confident but this is just clowning on the poor guy. If you can finish, finish.
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  • BiPolarHighRoller @ 03/15/15 01:09PM
    Follow on wikipedia and wait for the loss by knockout. It's cool to be confident but this is just clowning on the poor guy. If you can finish, finish.
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  • Mr. DickSmellsBad @ 03/15/15 11:40AM
    This nigga watches too much TV. Thinks he's Wesley Snipes. One day he gonna meet somebody in the cage who's going to beat his ass bad.
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  • huh @ 03/15/15 10:41AM
    Thats "KO" was some Tekken 2 kinda shit
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  • @5:35 @ 03/15/15 10:12AM
    Your the biggest racist on here, glorifying killing of any kind, your what's wrong with America
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  • Thank you my friend for fighting the racists here @ 03/15/15 06:00AM
    Thanks to 5:45AM guy.
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  • Ditto @ 03/15/15 05:45AM
    I hate racist too! We will never be the best as long as they poison our country.
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  • What do the racists have to say to this video? @ 03/15/15 04:13AM
    Enquiring minds want to know. Racists are A HOLES. F*CK YOU RACIST BITCHES. OBAMA IS YOUR PREZIDUNT! F ** C KKK Y OOO !! !!!
    0 2
  • basil @ 03/15/15 02:35AM
    I can see a short but action packed career for this cocky twat. He'll try that with the wrong opponent and get hurt - badly.
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  • sleyiseemaydee @ 03/15/15 01:54AM
    inb4 people get buttpregnant that someone actually figured out how to fight like bruce lee and apply a drunken style to earn a victory. You can see him bait, bait the bait, then land a hard strike.
    0 1
  • cockyfuck @ 03/15/15 01:07AM
    Silva wannabe. He's gunna pull that shit with the wrong opponent and get his jaw shattered.
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