Brutal Kick Knocks Five Teeth Out

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wow -1 Points March 5, 2013

that escalated fan is mad

EUROPEAN -1 Points March 4, 2013

Daaayem! that must of hurt! and to all you anti-FOOTBALL mother fuckers.. this is a real sport! no pads and all kind of gay ass protection.. with 5 minutes of TOTAL game play interrupted by 2 hours of bullshit regulations or whatever the fuck you call them.. not like I could ever watch some black guys play under the direction of some old fat white guys with headsets.. Get a fucken clue and a real hobby you low life one digit IQ fat fucks

romania -1 Points March 4, 2013

is Vaslui and Cluj and all 2 city is from romania no Bulgaria

@Darwin +2 Points March 4, 2013

@Darwin - you're a fag sport, you buttcheese-eating cunt

Booby +0 Points March 4, 2013

nice knee and elbow combo!

Darwin +0 Points March 4, 2013

Fag sport. 90 minutes of no scoring is considered a moral victory.

Bad Call +0 Points March 4, 2013

As usual - the ref gets it wrong. There was no high kick - his foot was never above his waist. When you put your head that low, you risk getting it kicked.

OrionRed +0 Points March 4, 2013

I don't know, looked like he was going for the ball. The yellow shirt really had his head WAY too low.

YourMomma +0 Points March 4, 2013

About the only time I enjoy a football/soccer video...


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