Broken Nose can't Stop Beastly Rugby Girl

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IMAFAG +0 Points June 10, 2015

Fuck shes hot! Ima jerk off now!

Reply to DOOM TO ALL WIGGERS +0 Points June 6, 2015

The only thing you "own" is a Fleshlight, a stolen iPhone & your welfare check & food stamps

Miss Ogynist +0 Points June 6, 2015

Women playing sport? Whatever fucking next..

Where's my fucking supper bitch, stop fanny arsing around trying to play Rugby and get the fucking cooker on, I'm fucking famished

DOOM TO ALL WIGGERS +0 Points June 6, 2015

You are too easy, I control you. Can't leave, got to keep coming back to get the last word. Fucking bitch, I own you BHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

juanhunglow +0 Points June 6, 2015

@doom please press dose to continue....

DOOM TO ALL WIGGERS +0 Points June 6, 2015

No surprise, learn English or get the fuck out.

juanhunglow +0 Points June 6, 2015

@doom English motherfucker that's where you lose me

DOOM TO ALL WIGGERS +0 Points June 6, 2015

That 5 times less than it takes to get through your fat Mexican head juansucks donkey cock. Dumb spicmade bitch.

Johnny Carson +0 Points June 6, 2015

Aww jeez, what is it with the Internet always over exaggerating mediocre people's accomplishments. Those tackles weren't amazing. Just a couple of thick girls tripping and falling over one another.

Fuck Yeah +0 Points June 6, 2015

she is pretty

@hurrikane +0 Points June 6, 2015

hockey = too many pads. rugby is much harder.

juanhunglow +0 Points June 6, 2015

lol looks like she was told twice

Hurrikane +0 Points June 6, 2015

Try hockey bitch

Bunch of pussies. +0 Points June 6, 2015

I thought watching female basketball was bad but female rugby? What a fucking joke, "nice" tackle, it's just a couple of bitches falling over and pulling someone with them. That "enormous" tackle looked less effective than a hug and cuddle. Also look at that scrub with the shirt pull.

really? +0 Points June 6, 2015

pfff thats just a bloody nose, amateur stuff

FGF +0 Points June 6, 2015



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