Broken Nose can't Stop Beastly Rugby Girl

Georgia Page everybody. Full story HERE.

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User Comments (18)

  • IMAFAG @ 06/10/15 01:07PM
    Fuck shes hot! Ima jerk off now!
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  • Reply to DOOM TO ALL WIGGERS @ 06/06/15 11:48PM
    The only thing you "own" is a Fleshlight, a stolen iPhone & your welfare check & food stamps
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  • Miss Ogynist @ 06/06/15 11:46PM
    Women playing sport? Whatever fucking next.. Where's my fucking supper bitch, stop fanny arsing around trying to play Rugby and get the fucking cooker on, I'm fucking famished
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  • DOOM TO ALL WIGGERS @ 06/06/15 05:11PM
    You are too easy, I control you. Can't leave, got to keep coming back to get the last word. Fucking bitch, I own you BHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
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  • juanhunglow @ 06/06/15 04:46PM
    @doom please press dose to continue....
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  • DOOM TO ALL WIGGERS @ 06/06/15 03:34PM
    No surprise, learn English or get the fuck out.
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  • juanhunglow @ 06/06/15 12:59PM
    @doom English motherfucker that's where you lose me
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  • DOOM TO ALL WIGGERS @ 06/06/15 11:19AM
    That 5 times less than it takes to get through your fat Mexican head juansucks donkey cock. Dumb spicmade bitch.
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  • Johnny Carson @ 06/06/15 10:26AM
    Aww jeez, what is it with the Internet always over exaggerating mediocre people's accomplishments. Those tackles weren't amazing. Just a couple of thick girls tripping and falling over one another.
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  • Fuck Yeah @ 06/06/15 10:23AM
    she is pretty
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  • @hurrikane @ 06/06/15 09:12AM
    hockey = too many pads. rugby is much harder.
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  • juanhunglow @ 06/06/15 07:14AM
    lol looks like she was told twice
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  • Hurrikane @ 06/06/15 05:42AM
    Try hockey bitch
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  • Bunch of pussies. @ 06/06/15 02:03AM
    I thought watching female basketball was bad but female rugby? What a fucking joke, "nice" tackle, it's just a couple of bitches falling over and pulling someone with them. That "enormous" tackle looked less effective than a hug and cuddle. Also look at that scrub with the shirt pull.
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  • really? @ 06/06/15 12:43AM
    pfff thats just a bloody nose, amateur stuff
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  • FGF @ 06/06/15 12:33AM
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