Awkward Moment For Female News Reporter

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METO +1 Point November 10, 2010

Dont talk, just suck.

fredo +1 Point July 4, 2010

she has no idea what she's talking about, yet she has a high paying job that most would die for. Because she]s pretty. He may be a fat old sexist, but at least he got his job on merit

Worried Feminist +1 Point June 11, 2010

How rude! That man has no idea how to treat a classy lady. HE SHOULD GET FIRED! This woman knows more about being fair and kind than that old sexist!

baseballsux! +1 Point June 7, 2010

what a gay game...

Jake +1 Point June 7, 2010

why is this bitch not in the kitchen?

umm +1 Point June 7, 2010

damn straight

lillzook +1 Point June 5, 2010

like I hope to, for my man someday...

lilzook +1 Point June 5, 2010

LMFAOOOOOOOO....its so tru..her ass needs to be in the a steak for her man

Yup +1 Point June 5, 2010

Should'a followed with a quick backhander. Then there's no back talk. And she'd think before she spoke next time.

emp +1 Point June 5, 2010

lol another dumb bimbo has no idea what a perfect game is and how it goes into your career books.

WWW +1 Point June 5, 2010

Completely true...

oh si +1 Point June 5, 2010

sara palin for pres her for vp then we nuke ourselves...

cocknballs +1 Point June 5, 2010

I wish someone would gagfuck this stupid whores mouth just as he said women dont know jack!

geebee +1 Point June 5, 2010

If that is all you can say 'brooklyngod' why fuckin bother. OH FUCKIN SI!

damm bitch +1 Point June 5, 2010

Who let her out of the kitchen. Dude said what needed to be said. Shoulda slapped her tho to.

.. +1 Point June 5, 2010

baseball sucks ass!!! +1 Point June 5, 2010

she should be in the kitchen baking cookies

Finally +1 Point June 5, 2010

God made women to cater a man's needs.

lolz +1 Point June 5, 2010

Erin Burnett is a bubblehead.

nnee +1 Point June 5, 2010

soo.... its ackward because he told the truth??

what +1 Point June 5, 2010

your kidding right baseball has a female commissioner , why you think bud ? won't reverse call ? no balls !!! that 's why

wow +1 Point June 5, 2010

she's retarded

brooklyngod +1 Point June 5, 2010

!oh si!


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