AFL Player Tries to Murder His Opponent

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Savannah +0 Points September 3, 2014

It would be nice if you could do a program with the Aboriginal coummnity in Western Sydney. We have the largest population of kooris in NSW in WS and organisations to support this type of program. Our AMS had just had Black Olive do a demonstration on bush tacker food at a coummnity day out here. Thank You Alice

DOOM TO ALL WIGGERS +0 Points July 15, 2014

Let them fuck already!!! He wanted his dick so bad! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

basil +0 Points July 15, 2014

Hey soap. Reckon those shorts were tight? Should have seen them in the 70's.

AFL is awesome. +0 Points July 15, 2014

They're fitter, stonger, faster and nastier than any player in any sport in the world. Difference is, they are ALLOWED to hit each other, oh and did I miention they don't wear padding? It's the most entertaining sport you'll ever watch.

FUCKING SOAP DROPPERS +0 Points July 14, 2014

look how tight there shorts are im sure theres a lot of anal loving in the showers after the game

juanhunglow -1 Points July 14, 2014

kill him? looks like he wanted to mount his love log.

Suicidal -1 Points July 14, 2014

Its not called AFL ...It's actually GAYFL

Suicidal -1 Points July 14, 2014

Its not called AFL ...It's actually GAYFL

darwin -1 Points July 14, 2014

Sorry, but I really don't see the difference. Not kidding.

joe -2 Points July 14, 2014

it's australien football, the rules summed up are. 1. if he have the ball, KILL HIM. 2. if he dosen't have the ball, KILL HIM anyway!!!

tugsly +0 Points July 14, 2014

@darwin it's not fucking rugby!

Yo! -1 Points July 14, 2014

100x better than a gay fake soccer flop.

darwin +0 Points July 14, 2014

Rugby: Soccer+Football+WWE.

basil -2 Points July 14, 2014

Murder? Hardly. If I told you once I told you a 1000 times - don't exaggerate.

kozer -2 Points July 14, 2014

well at least he didnt piss in his own mouth


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