Softball First Base Throw Nails Girl In The Head

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Tallsox +0 Points October 1, 2015


Anonymous +0 Points May 4, 2011

I'm not easily impressed. . . but that's imprssieng me!

mwfdiuvtr +0 Points August 25, 2010


um +0 Points March 12, 2010


damn +0 Points March 12, 2010

oh rub some dirt on your head and get up already you fucking pussy! Nice camera work btw

Umpire +0 Points March 12, 2010

She's.... OUT!

hahahaha!!! +0 Points March 12, 2010

I love how the first basebitch was the closest to her, yet just put her fat pudgy hand on her fat assed pudgy hip... what a cunt

Doc56 +0 Points March 12, 2010

Got to like the way the legs were still going as she bit the dirt

umm +0 Points March 12, 2010

LOL...well one day they will learn that their place is NOT on the field playing sports, but inside the kitchen cooking or cleaning something.

unfortunately +0 Points March 12, 2010

i heard that bitch died

boo goes the dynamite +0 Points March 12, 2010


Casey +0 Points March 12, 2010

The biggest shocker to this video is that they had a lefty at short stop

lilzook +0 Points March 12, 2010

no one has said it yet so i will..BOOM HEADSHOT!

good stuff +0 Points March 12, 2010

what do these dumbfuck bitches expect to happen when you don't wear helmets? runners should always wear them, i hope a line drive knocks the next bitch out

Not convinced +0 Points March 12, 2010

Are they clapping because it was such an impressive throw or because she was out??

Me +0 Points March 12, 2010

Get back in the kitchen, bitch.

brian +0 Points March 12, 2010

never expect a girl to actually catch a ball....especially when you are right behind her

brooklyngod +0 Points March 12, 2010

another instant classic shoosh time video. oh si


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