Soccer Player Takes An Unexpected Shower

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0lves +0 Points July 21, 2011

soccer players the worlds worst pansy asses.

Ziz +0 Points September 4, 2010

Oh my fuck, at 40s its Jesus!

@Only Yellow? +0 Points August 14, 2010

You must be a soccer fan. I'm sorry for your loss. You're nuts will probably never come back.

obama +0 Points August 13, 2010

SandNiggas LOL

brooklyngod +0 Points August 13, 2010

-oh si-

Jack Off Hearts +0 Points August 13, 2010

Well, duh! He's wearing the number 13!!!

fd +0 Points August 13, 2010

haha they should have more swimming pools by football pitches

??? +0 Points August 13, 2010

His head barely even touched the others ... apparently you're blind.

Only yellow? +0 Points August 13, 2010

For headbutting another player?

He should have gotten red without question.

kjm +0 Points August 13, 2010

fucking disgrace!!! golf is more hardcore than this shit of a sport

laryy +0 Points August 13, 2010

a way to make soccer interesting, place an above-ground pool 2 feet from the sideline. YES!!!

umm +0 Points August 13, 2010

lol this sport is a joke! LOL finally the world is starting to look at these losers as they should. little fairies, go cook or clean something.


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