Small Guy Puts Up Hell of A Fight vs. Opponent

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Dirty +0 Points January 29, 2010

english, faggy girls

ha +0 Points January 29, 2010

hahahah this was fun to watch they talked funny (:

joo +0 Points January 29, 2010

sounded like they were Canadian ehh?

Pete - England +0 Points January 29, 2010

hehee look at me i can type someone else's name...American's making up words again. 'soccer' ha it's football you shmuck. and it's no-where near a faggy as american handball or whatever the fuck you call it.

lilzook +0 Points January 29, 2010


Pete - England +0 Points January 29, 2010

Thank you, United States. Without you, I would be speaking German right now.

brooklyngod +0 Points January 28, 2010

sick status yo. most def. curly steeze. oh si

@ha ha +0 Points January 28, 2010

It ain't soccer you faggot! It's football! Fuckin american gays!

haha +0 Points January 28, 2010

oh and pete - england. fuck you. soccer is the most pussy sport in existence.

haha +0 Points January 28, 2010

buncha hockey players.. haha. peewees prolly haha

. +0 Points January 28, 2010

"I'm gonna beat your ass in this snow bro."

Doc56 +0 Points January 28, 2010

Th taller guy was throwing hammer blows from hell & the smaller guy was winging rights but but no clear winner

Pete - England +0 Points January 28, 2010

Ohh my days how gay is that! C'mon kipper hi-yuk!! They took are jawbs!!!


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