Slip And Slide Fail Breaks Fat Kids Leg Instantly

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Julia +0 Points January 21, 2013


It informational resource, I'll bookmark it and visit it again!

all below this +0 Points May 10, 2010

are fucking dumb limey fucks cuz obviously he broke his ankle that he pivoted on, open your minds u faggots

fatman +0 Points May 9, 2010

looks like the fat cunt pulled his hamstring just before he spun around, should stick to a safer hobby like jerking off

fatty +0 Points May 8, 2010

haha. I like how he was sliding in pain. haha

oh shi +0 Points May 8, 2010

I like waffles!

xKr0wnx +0 Points May 8, 2010

Please get you fat ass off the sliding area, people are trying to slip n' slide here fatass.

lol +0 Points May 8, 2010

Americans and gravity don't mix.

2 +0 Points May 8, 2010

Eat yo' wheaties!

..... +0 Points May 8, 2010

obviously that guy didn't know how to slip n slide...tsk tsk

hahaha +0 Points May 8, 2010

fat fuck... probably the first time he has run in year. fat ppl are disgusting, im glad they die soon

god +0 Points May 8, 2010

fucking prejudice asshoels just standin around doin nothin... Sad fucks

Chubby wubby +0 Points May 8, 2010

Yummy Hunky Chunkers lag snapped like a chicken leg "That was bizarre"

zoo zoo +0 Points May 8, 2010

you can here it crack fuck me

lilzook +0 Points May 8, 2010

lmao i love how everyone just stands around...fat ppl are gross

calcium +0 Points May 8, 2010

Drink more milk, fatty.

brooklyngod +0 Points May 8, 2010

yet again another instant classic shoosh time video. oh si


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