Singer Forgets Where The Edge of The Stage Is

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melton +0 Points March 31, 2010

look mommy, i can fly. not! pinche good.

brooklyngod +0 Points March 30, 2010

ya this guy is not a singer. hes an actor. his latest movie is armored and also best known for the movie stomp the yard. oh si

Moron Krapper +0 Points March 30, 2010

he was grabbing his junk lookin' all badass, that's why it looks like he's limpin', what a fucking moron

Look Here Son +0 Points March 30, 2010

Stevie Wonder is still a musical genius.

lilzook +0 Points March 30, 2010 was like one of those old cartoons where they walk off the cliff and keep going...

_ +0 Points March 30, 2010

that was pretty sad, the dude was handicap too, he was limping.

Doc56 +0 Points March 30, 2010

Now Dats a Entrance! You would think by now they wouldn't let Stevie Wonder do his own entrance's

umm +0 Points March 30, 2010

i didnt hear any singing...maybe he was a magician cuz he sure did disappear and then reappear. ghetto copperfield?

continued +0 Points March 30, 2010

... all those stage performers who DON'T wear sunglasses and remain 'on-stage')... MORON

@that prat below +0 Points March 30, 2010

HAHAHA OMG u fucking dufus!!!

Ok.. so why do rappers wear sunglasses in: the supermarket, during interviews, at nightclubs, taking a shit, walking the dog, on a private jet?? pls tell me.

YOUR COMMENT IS RETARDED (i'm not even going to start on

@ shooshtime caption +0 Points March 30, 2010

Its called you cant see shit on stage guess you never have been in the 'spotlight', thats why alot of rappers wear sun glasses on stage. and all these thugs now-a-days wear there sunglasses thinking its 'BEING HARD'


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