WTF: White guy KO's innocent old black man

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Anonymous +0 Points July 29, 2017

Very nice

Human Been +0 Points December 5, 2015

This guy is a fucking moron we should not celebrate or praise. It was a cowardly punch and proof that he has NO BALLS. To the perp, You are proof that white trash actually exists!

Anonymous +0 Points July 23, 2017

@Human Been fuck you

niggerkiller +0 Points November 25, 2015

looks like fun. white people should do that more often.

NigH8r +0 Points November 23, 2015

So black thug punches white women..just a game. White guy punches black man...hate crime.

Everyone wonders why racism is till here? Just kill the nigs already...

Anonymous +0 Points November 22, 2015

you gutless wimp . try hit a young fit guy then well see how tough you are.

Anonymous +0 Points July 23, 2017

@Anonymous fuck you, blacks so far worse, but I'm sure you say the samething

Anonymous +0 Points November 22, 2015

this guy needs a hug.. jesus luvs you

ROUSTOR +0 Points November 22, 2015

One more pscho

NoNigIsInnocent +0 Points November 22, 2015

"innocent black man"




Russian RT cunt +0 Points November 22, 2015

I want to fist Lauren Lyster's asshole

geist -1 Points November 22, 2015

knockout game suddenly isn't so funny is it black people ? let me guess , it's ok when you do it, but a horrible hate crime when whites do it.

juanhunglow -1 Points November 22, 2015

it is never wise to film a crime, good thing he didnt

Basil +2 Points November 22, 2015

Um...That wasn't a KO for starters. Could this idiot really be retarded rather than just a gutless thug? Plenty of evidence that he is missing a chromosome or 2.

Anonymous +0 Points July 23, 2017

@Basil fuck off, blacks do far worse

Anonymous +0 Points July 25, 2017

@Anonymous That low level cognition of yours is exactly what allows racism and hate in general to thrive, the "one speaks for all" I am sure you have been wronged by someone of your own race, so why do you not hate them all and yourself? Still trust yourself and your kin? Hypocrisy.. You are only accountable for yourself. There are good, decent, and scum in the ranks of every race. This guy in the video is scum just as any other person participating in such an act.


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