WTF: Drugs Turn Guy into Unstoppable Force


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dej +0 Points March 22, 2017

Police here in Albuquerwue would have killed him way back when they wee still inside the food place.

arabian gangster +0 Points January 19, 2016

usa police are bunch of assholes

Semislayer +0 Points October 5, 2015

Me and my wife could have taken him down alone with nothing but a blanket. Just sayin.

7daysuntil +0 Points October 3, 2015

Too bad the guy wasn't black. He would have been dead by now.

Uncle +0 Points September 13, 2015

fuck the police coming right from the underground.. they tase him they hit him they pepper spray him they almost break his arm ? or yea it looks like they break his arm... wtf have he done wrong to deserve that ? :S @@ @ are you stupied for real?.. i got your point what you mean.... but thats not true -.- they should just held him down and handcuffed him... same thing *acab* thats not true.. because there's really good coops too but this is wrong video to comment that.. they will use force if necessary or if it becomes threatened..a Swedish video where police hold two youths who keeps on kicking and spitting at police them, they let sit on the bench so start them kick to the head as police half a pound them down to the floor. THERE is a video you can comment on it .. the police made it necessary. but this? it's just brutal ..

DOOM TO ALL WIGGERS +0 Points September 9, 2015


Joe Blough -1 Points September 8, 2015

I love how the fat guy at the table keeps eating like nothing is going on...

FUCK U +1 Point September 8, 2015


mike +0 Points September 7, 2015

cruelty to animals

@ imafag +1 Point September 7, 2015

Oh yea well good for you! Now take some of that shit and throw it @ Your mom!

snapyaa +0 Points September 7, 2015

And cops wonder why the get shot, fucken pigs i laugh ever time one of you cunts get killed you deserve be killed

procedure -1 Points September 7, 2015

hay gente que solo quiere que se lo digan de buena manera!

@@ +1 Point September 7, 2015


It's disgusting to think you know anything about what is police brutality. If they would have held him down and handcuffed him, you still would have called it police brutality.

duff +2 Points September 7, 2015

this is disgusting to watch, this is police brutality imo, they could easily have held him down and handcuffed him. All that tasering and pepper spray was unnecessary

Doh +1 Point September 7, 2015

Shoulda just shot the waste of human skin retard.

Dooms a cunt +1 Point September 7, 2015

If it's PCP and you touch his sweat your off and running too

@ super bob +0 Points September 7, 2015

I'm glad you live in Europe too

Superbob +1 Point September 7, 2015

This is the U.S.-Police? Wow! Im glad to live in europe.

imafag -1 Points September 7, 2015

I had gay sex at a Mcds and got alotta poop on my cock!

@Bob +1 Point September 7, 2015

Right...The dude was on some drugs that made him superhuman and you think you can match him on a sober level. Your kids probably get touched by this druggie before you can do anything.

@ Bob -1 Points September 7, 2015

STFU! You couldn't handle a wet dream you fucking cunt!

Bob -1 Points September 7, 2015

Sure grab a guy and try and handcuff him while he's being tazed. Real smart. The cops did the right thing, and yeah you're right glad he wasn't black, cause they would have lost their job. All they did was do what needed to be done controlled someone who was causing an outrage in a public restaurant. Hell if I was there with my kids that man probably wouldn't of had the justice of being handled by the cops.

Weeg -1 Points September 7, 2015

Did he died?

lol -1 Points September 7, 2015

I think you need to change the batteries on your toy Pig

The Phoenix +2 Points September 7, 2015

PCP or bath salts? All I can say is thank Christ he wasn't black!


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