Were police in the right assaulting this lady?!

"The suspect was walking out of a Bealls store when she was approached by the deputy who accused her of shoplifting. Now she has staples in her head and marks around her neck"

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User Comments (28)

  • The Phoenix @ 02/23/16 06:58AMBest Comment
    Relax anonymous, she's white, nobody cares....no riots, no Jesse Jackson, no al sharpton, no Hillary bitching, no federal civil rights investigations, no Obama "she could be my daughter", no black lives matter, no cops going to jail, just some white cunt caught stealing and got a bump on her noodle
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  • Cuntpuncher @ 02/23/16 06:33PM
    Well I hope he enjoys having the HIV now. Next time just zap the dumb bitch so you have time to throw on some rubber gloves and you won't get da AIDS
    1 0
  • anonymous @ 02/23/16 11:50AM
    Is she freaking out, because of fear of being arrested or from fear of not being able to score, her next hit of meth?
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  • Water is shapeless but it has a surface @ 02/23/16 09:36AM
    The cop did well. She made her situation worse each second. I wish the cop pepper sprayed her in the mouth so she could shut the fuck up.
    1 0
  • Geist @ 02/23/16 08:45AM
    I fucking hate pigs, but I have to side with them on this one. Thieving cunt got what was coming to her. The pig showed a lot of restraint, but I feel that was because he had a body cam making him accountable for his actions. Plus he probably didn't want to be covered in that skanks blood.
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  • anonymous @ 02/23/16 07:10AM
    no the police were not right ...they forgot to shut her the fuck up too...omg i couldnt never be a police officer
    1 0
  • Fredo @ 02/23/16 06:32AM
    Look on the Brightside, red streaks in blonde hair is fashionable. Btw- Not one person can call out anonymous@5:35 on poor spelling? "Murcia?" It's "Murica" dumbass!
    1 0
  • anonymous @ 02/23/16 05:49AM
    Lying piece of shit. What a lying piece of garbage.. Not once did she throw a kick at that fucking joke of a cop
    1 1
  • anonymous @ 02/23/16 05:35AM
    All of these stupid comments and yet, not one person can call out Shoosh on poor grammar? Were, not we're. You can run a website but can't write a grammatically correct sentence. Must be "Murcia" at its finest. I'll stick to being American.
    1 0
  • anonymous @ 02/23/16 05:29AM
    Big deal. probably needed 3 stitches and a couple aspirin. She knew she was caught and she still resisted so tough shit. I have no sympathy for a fucking thief. And for the "Murica" comments; Im sure all the thieves from other countries who were beaten, burned, lynched and mutilated would say "Murica" is a little bit too lenient when it comes to thieves
    1 0
  • Procop @ 02/23/16 05:13AM
    She got injured while resisting arrest. The officer did not harm her on purpose. The gash on her head occurred when she was pulling away and went head first in the pillar.
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  • 7daysuntil @ 07/19/16 05:25PM
    White lives matter
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  • anonymous @ 06/14/16 01:32PM
    Put the taser down you pussy!
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  • anonymous @ 05/17/16 08:56PM
    US-Police = worlds-most-faggish-dipshit collection of sons of whores... Only dead cops are good cops
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  • Dionysus80 @ 02/27/16 03:51AM
    Serves her right!
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  • Www.xxx @ 02/24/16 11:37PM
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  • anonymous @ 02/24/16 11:44AM
    please suck my cock bitch please
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  • anonymous @ 02/24/16 12:23AM
    please suck my cock bitch please
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  • anonymous @ 02/23/16 12:57PM
    Trigger happy fucking piece of shit pig. Fuck him
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  • uncle tommie @ 02/23/16 09:02AM
    white ppl always stealing and then crying when they get caught, they should have shoot that bitch wit a real gun /// Bahahaha
    0 1
  • anonymous @ 02/23/16 07:44AM
    Yes, as a rational educated white man, they were "in the right assaulting this lady" to answer your question.
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  • The Phoenix @ 02/23/16 05:37AM
    Did that cops towel tag say property of Hilton hotel
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  • anonymous @ 02/23/16 02:36AM
    That can't be good for business. The store owner should have been standing there yelling "Do you still want to return those items ma'am?"
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  • anonymous @ 02/23/16 01:15AM
    Shouldn't shoplift in Murica!
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  • anonymous @ 02/23/16 01:11AM
    That cop will die a horrible death and be reincarnated as a disco that gets used in a gay orgy _ karma
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  • anonymous @ 02/23/16 12:03AM
    MUUUUURRRIIICCAAA!!! land of the free!
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