Vietnamese Prick Slaps His Girlfriend Around

I can't decide what's worse. A 120 lb girl not being phased by your attack, or society giving you a 20% chance of not being a transsexual within the next 2 years.

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User Comments (14)

  • Supreme @ 06/25/10 11:31PM
    yawn* I beat my dick harder then Asian Lance Bass slaps. That's just how she fixes her hair, with backhanded bitch slaps
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  • brooklyngod @ 06/25/10 06:52PM
    whatever. oh si
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  • pheskey.. @ 06/25/10 06:08PM
    this vids from singapore dudes........
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  • man @ 06/25/10 11:33AM
    u guys are wrong. this video is from singapore.
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  • Dude. @ 06/25/10 10:02AM
    Guys who hit women are cowards. If I saw this, I'd put the guy on his back.
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  • WTF @ 06/25/10 09:39AM
    OMG, she is hot, and did you see his sassy little walk, at the end of the vid, thats classic!
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  • nopurty @ 06/25/10 07:28AM
    the homo is pissed off because she stole HIS boyfriend from him.
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  • Fuck @ 06/25/10 07:21AM
    Real tough guy. Dick head
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  • @COr @ 06/25/10 03:52AM
    Its from singapore
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  • . @ 06/25/10 03:47AM
    yeah those gay slaps didnt phase her, atta girl'
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  • lilzook @ 06/25/10 02:06AM
    onviously a homo..but the chick was tuff..she was taking shots left and right..but just kept fixing her
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  • cor @ 06/25/10 01:22AM
    its not thailand, its malaysian
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  • wow @ 06/25/10 12:43AM
    i seen this on tv before. it was actually in thailand. that trans probably didn't get the body he wanted so he decides to slap the girl around.
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