U.S. Soldier Punched in the Head

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Pater429 +0 Points November 1, 2013

He prob have lots of friends at the marine corp that got him that pretty lazy job, fucker

snitching... +0 Points May 12, 2013

Ofc. Steve Darden

Stupid +0 Points March 18, 2013

YAY! White people are turning on each other! About fucking time. Kill them all!

me +0 Points February 8, 2013

AHHAHAH they dont mess with people who have money b/c we would make their life a living hell.


donkey +0 Points February 8, 2013

all this time watching the video and you find out in end the dude is in the army reserves

lol +0 Points February 8, 2013

help i got attacked

cop -ok have some more of that

Cops +1 Point February 8, 2013

Just gotta make sure you have something flamable. Only thing those fa gs understand is a molotov in the squad car.

Fagget cop: He's a tax payer. You ARE on his time-watch.

YourMomma -2 Points February 8, 2013

I found this video hard to masturbate too...

BlackLeprechaun -2 Points February 8, 2013

im pissed they showed no dick

bigfun72 +0 Points February 8, 2013

This just proves just how "FREE" America is. government run,police state shit hole. Natzi 3rd world country.

The Snowman +1 Point February 8, 2013

fucking pig abusing power

Bumsex +1 Point February 8, 2013

More people need to do this. Army faggots.

dirtyd +1 Point February 8, 2013

There was no need for that fat fuck to lay hands on anyone. That kid didn't touch or do anything to him.

BlackLeprechaun +1 Point February 8, 2013

we need more good cops like american hero Christopher Dorner....who was trying to crack down on corruption in law enforcement................

SO THE REAL +2 Points February 8, 2013


us soldier bro +1 Point February 8, 2013

the us soldier actually did step forward after the cop stepped forward first. but i guess in this case only the us soldier's movement and posture would be deemed as threatening. but us soldier did need to be put in his place though. either way, all people in this video are fucking idiots.

zzz +1 Point February 8, 2013

another pig hiding behind the badge...marine, us soldier, makes no difference they all can get knocked out just as easy as this soldier who turned into a bitch.

Fuck Cops -2 Points February 8, 2013

the only good cop is a dead cop!!!

guga +1 Point February 8, 2013

yes sir, yes sir, yes sir


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