The world wants this guy DEAD over this video

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User Comments (19)

  • HeyBoneheadDontBeaMoron @ 08/05/16 09:49AMBest Comment
    Terrible video!!! How did it end For fucks sake... you edit it all up in pure stupid style and then omit the end... what a dumbass!!!
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  • anonymous @ 08/05/16 12:44PM
    What is this Vine shit. Anyway she fell out of her own stupidity
    2 0
  • anonymous @ 08/05/16 06:14AM
    This is from a Jay Alvarrez YouTube video where they were cliff jumping. She was going to jump anyway but bottled it and tried to stop.
    2 0
  • anonymous @ 08/06/16 06:15PM
    why would world want him dead? how stupid.. He did the right thing she would of end up dragging him across rocks and herself rebounding into the side of the rocks as well. She is the dumbass for doing that.
    1 0
  • Twat Bisquit @ 08/06/16 06:05AM
    It's proof a woman will try and drag you down every time
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  • anonymous @ 08/05/16 05:25PM
    Who in the actual fuck cares?
    1 0
  • anonymous @ 08/05/16 10:19AM
    Anonymous @ 6:14 am,no shit captain motherfucking Obvious
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  • anonymous @ 08/05/16 05:48AM
    he would've needed to pull back to pull her weight without falling anyway
    1 0
  • anonymous @ 08/05/16 05:02AM
    Tards gonna Tard
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  • anonymous @ 04/03/17 02:56PM
    It's funny how everybody keeps saying the woman is stupid and the man did the right thing.. she grabbed on to his leg so he tried pulling her up.. and preparing his arms for the weight he was gonna need to pull up..
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  • stupid video @ 04/02/17 04:29AM
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  • Lemon @ 01/02/17 03:32AM
    He did the right. He had no chance with his weight.
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  • pese @ 12/19/16 07:01AM
    in the split image at the end theres two murky shadows underwater... has she spotted aqua mans or a megladons and changed her mind? but bf says no foots pls
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  • anonymous @ 11/21/16 12:07PM
    Lol bitch tried to grab him because she screwed up her jump. Based on where he is sitting and her movement towards the edge (momentum) when grabbing onto his foot her weight would have pulled him with her. There is no way in hell based on the way he is sitting he could carry her weight without sliding down himself. He did the right thing. This ain't the movies where people rescue everyone as heroes. People die trying to be heroes in real life most of the times.
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  • basil @ 08/07/16 01:03AM
    They didn't show the end because it involved her brains being spread.
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  • Big Black @ 08/06/16 08:40AM
    Crackers going to crack
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