Russian Punks Destroy Car In Front of Cop

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dick +0 Points July 1, 2010

what a retarted country,are they like mall equivilent type cops,they suck,

brooklyngod +0 Points July 1, 2010

i suppose. oh si

bryguy +0 Points July 1, 2010

The Russians must've just heard the Lakers won. You're a few weeks too late guys.

shurik +0 Points July 1, 2010

this is fake or some fake show

cops in russia shoot first and their are 2 cops per car not one and if u dint notice the car had no rims or tires

geebee +0 Points July 1, 2010

It must have been a wash day, it looks like they had to share one eye brow till the other is done.

Repo +0 Points July 1, 2010

It was a Russian repo job until the owners figured screw it

lol +0 Points July 1, 2010

Normal for Russian fruit cakes. Russia needs to die.

lol +0 Points July 1, 2010

give the police guns not tazers

Yep +0 Points July 1, 2010

Mexicans in LA did this after the fucking Lakers won.

lilzook +0 Points July 1, 2010

why would they get in trouble for destroying it..its a piece of junk...and they need tazers in russia...calm those snot nose punks down

IN SOVIET RUSSIA +0 Points July 1, 2010

you harass cop


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