Rapper Kevin Gates Kicks Girl Fan in the Face

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jim +0 Points September 5, 2015

another sponsor shit hole rap crap head

@reality bites +0 Points September 1, 2015

sir you need to lay of the drugs and all of the ephedrine based substances

Bigdickswinging +0 Points September 1, 2015

Fucking scumbag and your music sucks

jojoloko +0 Points August 31, 2015

he aint shit

lol +2 Points August 31, 2015

She should be kicked twice for being there in the first place

green dicks -1 Points August 31, 2015

Shit fuck ass fuck ass shit shit fuck fuck ass shit fuck fuck ass shit fuck shit fuck shit ass shit?

green dicks -1 Points August 31, 2015

Shit fuck ass fuck ass shit shit fuck fuck ass shit fuck fuck ass shit fuck shit fuck shit ass shit?

basil +0 Points August 31, 2015

Another no-talent black crapper who thinks with his dick and talks with his feet.

darwin -1 Points August 31, 2015

The music is shit. Why should anyone even care.

@ juan -1 Points August 31, 2015

Never heard of Kevin Eubanks the black guitarist for Jay Leno or Kevin Clash (formerly Elmo) on Sesame Street. Yes KC was gay.

@ reality bites +0 Points August 31, 2015


reality bites -2 Points August 31, 2015

How about you all are stupid for playing into the whole black white race war the elite want. because nobody pointed out that she didn't get kicked in the face it was in her stomach. What happened was she grabbed his leg and said "I want your baby" what he heard was "I'm having your baby " and Kevin thought to his self I'm not taking another demon seed back to that shit water town of baton rouge even though it would fit right in with all those "top notch scholars and people of well renown" from fart bog known as baton rouge.so after pondering for what seemed like a fortnight he pressed up, up, left,right,left,X,Y,B on his moral xbox control to perform the "abortive front kick" after he thought to his self wait how can a tranny get pregnant from butt sex because all the sex I have had was with trannys from that mosquito infested shit hole known as baton rouge and that girl didn't look like a man and this is florida I think plus how would she get pregnant when the trannys that I have sex with cum inside my butt maybe I should call a scientist from mud hole hell spawn piss town baton rouge to get this published in some journal's.

the album is available on Ebay for just 1 cent -1 Points August 31, 2015

Cousin fucking, shit rapping, nigga turd

Crsiriano Ronaldo -1 Points August 31, 2015



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