NYC Cops Caught Abusing Black War Vet

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Daisy +0 Points April 5, 2013

Cretead the greatest articles, you have.

wtf +0 Points June 23, 2010

Devil Doc, how the fuck do you know he's an Iraqi vet? The person who makes these video titles just makes them up on the spot

mike ock +0 Points June 23, 2010

why does the title of this clip say hate crime? those cops are black

Devil Doc +0 Points June 23, 2010

"For those who chose to fight for it, life has a special flavor the protected will never know"

Devil Doc +0 Points June 23, 2010

Regardless of this guys race, he should not have been beaten as he was. Remember, the man who was beat served his time in Iraq with the Army. The title is missing proper grammar; the black man is an Iraqi war veteran. It is said best by a Vietnam veteran,

brooklyngod +0 Points June 23, 2010

wow, really. oh si

1111111111111 +0 Points June 23, 2010


HAHAHAH +0 Points June 23, 2010

must suck to get beat by your own people

Stanley McChrystal +0 Points June 23, 2010

My memory of history must be bad. The black war was after the french onion war right?

nathan Forrest +0 Points June 23, 2010

has an asp in his hand. Very Suspicious!

Nathan Forrest +0 Points June 23, 2010

This Video has obviously been tampered with look at the 1m06sec the video feed pauses for 3 frames then look at the same point later from a different angle same pause. Also evident that in one frame the cop is empty handed, but in the very next frame he h

hunter +0 Points June 23, 2010

what does him being a black vet have to do w it. this is why racism is still alive and well in america. maybe he should have just shut the hell up. and listened

hunter +0 Points June 23, 2010

black on black crime

good +0 Points June 23, 2010

teach him some respect

WTF +0 Points June 23, 2010

He black, the cop beating him is black, so looks like a clean kill to me!

Yo +0 Points June 23, 2010

Typical black guy walking away from the cops instead of sticking around and following orders... cop should stopped hitting him way sooner though... someone lost his job

umm +0 Points June 23, 2010

dat nigga shoulda listened to dat other nigga

ahh +0 Points June 23, 2010

ah the black war. I remember it well.

dude1 +0 Points June 23, 2010

they both need to get hanged

Colored Blind +0 Points June 23, 2010

In my humble opinon the officer was psuhed first then near elevator appeared to been hit again so I say officer whooped dat ass

Eh +0 Points June 23, 2010

I didn't see anything wrong. The nig didn't comply so the nig cop beat his ass.

fucking pigs +0 Points June 23, 2010

this cop needs to be hanged

Cuntflaps +0 Points June 23, 2010

Ah.... to protect and serve. CUNTS

lilzook +0 Points June 23, 2010

i dont know whos worse..the LAPD on the NYPD.

brap. +0 Points June 23, 2010

Video title change fail


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