Mexican Assaults & Robs 85-Year-Old Lady

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xxcdgm3xx +0 Points July 1, 2010

hispanic doesnt mean mexican, fucker wait till we take over north america

atte. cartel del golfo

Me +0 Points June 29, 2010

Typical mud races.

brooklyngod +0 Points June 29, 2010

that guy is the #1 all time douche of all douche bags. what a worthless piece of human trash. oh si

white boy +0 Points June 29, 2010

damn right mexicans,poor-tiricans,and any hiscantics are all the same>>all brown aint yall.nasty fucks go home and never come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


-_- +0 Points June 29, 2010

first the three perverted mexicans that walk around the mall NOW this.. sighs

niggers +0 Points June 29, 2010

grow your dick in 4 weeks

John Walsh +0 Points June 29, 2010

Brooklyngod turn your ass in we have you on a instant shoosetime classic oh si lame whatever I guess video

umm +0 Points June 29, 2010

mexican, cuban, puerto rican...seriously, theyre all beaners right?

umm +0 Points June 29, 2010

oh si...he didnt post on this video...might be him

yay racism! +0 Points June 29, 2010

How come he doesn't just play baseball?

joe +0 Points June 29, 2010

hispanic make! dumbfucks

to 7 +0 Points June 29, 2010

Fuck you asshole, not all hispanics are mexicans. It was a fucking puerto rican which makes him a fucking american like you piece of shit!!!

act of kindness in my book +0 Points June 29, 2010

helped her up after

hmm really?? +0 Points June 29, 2010

given the fact that its NY, my moneys on its a dirty puerto rican lookin for his next rock fix

Cuntflaps +0 Points June 29, 2010

is that Brooklyngod?

lilzook +0 Points June 29, 2010

well looks liek their looking for every single man in new york..and arizona

7 +0 Points June 29, 2010

stupid fucking mexicans


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