Mel Gibson's Uncut Racist Wife Bashing Rant

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pixle +0 Points November 22, 2011

crazy man

Blatant Racist +1 Point September 20, 2010

Mel, you are my hero

Jay +1 Point July 16, 2010

You Mel, are fuckin' EPIC.

snooch-rangler +1 Point July 13, 2010

ole mel will proly end up payin a fine or doin some huge public speech about how much he loves obama, go on oprah and then donate a 100k to the starvin pygmies n new guinea ahaha

suck me off +1 Point July 13, 2010


lactoid critic +1 Point July 12, 2010

Me too Mel, I prefer big floppy saggy tits, the kind that hit the mattress when she lays on her back, not baggies filled with whale blubber,

jizzum +1 Point July 12, 2010

I DONT WANT U ANYMORE! U LIED TO ME, U AND UR FACK FUCKIN BREAST, U FUCKIN BITCH. i bet that nigga wasnt complaining when he was drippin a load on those fack fuckin breast.. some people i swear!

Anon +1 Point July 12, 2010

not big tits he just hates fake tits

OH SI +1 Point July 11, 2010

is gay!

lol +1 Point July 11, 2010

not big tits but fake tits

who +1 Point July 11, 2010

Who here is NOT racists and has said the N word? No big deal, I don't your racist if you say the N word in an angry fit. People say all sorts of stupid things when their angry. I give Mel a free pass on this one

damn +1 Point July 11, 2010

Mel is never gonna recover from this one. Divorces bring out the worst in people and they say the craziest things they never would have said otherwise. Mel is FUCKED!!!

Go Mel +1 Point July 11, 2010

I think everything he said was fine. I think using the N-word in anger when warning her of possible dangers or things he backhandedly wishes would happen to her is really too far. He wasn't saying it to a black person and it was what he thought was a pri

Jokerman +1 Point July 11, 2010

How do you stop a pack of black guys from raping her?

Throw them a basketball!!

Dee +1 Point July 11, 2010

They'll never take away... OUR FREEDOOOOOM!

Pete +1 Point July 11, 2010

Fooking hell, how is he still alive? Has he been on Oprah crying yet? What a DICK.

... +1 Point July 11, 2010

What! A guy who doesn't like big tits? He must be gay....and a racist cunt also.

LOL +1 Point July 11, 2010

If only he acted that well in Lethal Weapon II.

foo +1 Point July 11, 2010

"you never asked, i never told you".... typical bitch

holy shit +1 Point July 11, 2010

holy hell. He does not like big tits

Blacktacos +1 Point July 11, 2010


brooklyngod +1 Point July 11, 2010

wow, really. oh si


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