Lunatic Sets Herself And Ex-Boyfriend On Fire

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a gay boy @ +0 Points June 1, 2013

Oh..i'm so happy to be gay and have nothing to do with these stupid ...women. ))

sasa +0 Points October 30, 2012

bathsalts + dumb Love can end pretty bad PANDOZ

damn +0 Points June 19, 2010

She was hot!!!

how +0 Points June 18, 2010

how can he die 3 days later?

lilzook +0 Points June 18, 2010

did they even know they where on fire?

brooklyngod +0 Points June 18, 2010

wow. i cant believe this shit happened but i kind of feel bad 4 the 2 of them. regardless though: instant priceless classic shoosh time video. oh si

tips +0 Points June 18, 2010

STOP DROP AND ROLL, oh ya, and RUN when your on fire, dont casually stroll.

wow +0 Points June 18, 2010

what the fuuuuuck??

nunpuncher +0 Points June 18, 2010

HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sir +0 Points June 18, 2010

Cuntflaps is a DAFT CUNT

fuckards +0 Points June 18, 2010

the neighbor fell off the building what the fuck was that all about. she's taking the spotlight from these two burning lovers. "hey reporters - they're not the news - I'M THE PRIMETIME NEWS - ahhhhhh, blogblogblog!

Johnny Cash +0 Points June 18, 2010

"I fell into a burning ring of fire" you have to love the firemen watching the lady do the header on the sidewalk and you know he's thinking "oh si"

Uranus +0 Points June 18, 2010

I HATE crazy bitchez

lolcats +0 Points June 18, 2010

Is this the burning man all the kids are talking about?

blackass +0 Points June 18, 2010

somebody say crack?

WTF +0 Points June 18, 2010

obviously never heard of stop, drop, and roll. That's gruesome.

Bam +0 Points June 18, 2010

Fucking hell. That's fucked up

YEAH +0 Points June 18, 2010

They were so fucking high, they deserve everything.

R.James +0 Points June 18, 2010

Cocain is a hell of a drug!!!


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