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User Comments (13)

  • "C" @ 04/14/16 05:50AMBest Comment
    Now he can cheat when they say cover your eyes
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  • OrionRed @ 04/14/16 05:11AM
    Was it a laser site?
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  • anonymous @ 04/14/16 03:47AM
    Yeah dont worry about it. I can catch a bullet watch .... oh the safety ok now i got it
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  • anonymous @ 04/14/16 02:20PM
    "he road the short bus to school" I am certain you didn't ride any bus to school.
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  • anonymous @ 04/14/16 11:48AM
    Its not a pen
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  • jerry @ 04/14/16 08:56AM
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  • @ tough guy anonymous @ 04/14/16 07:52AM
    Thats nice, now put out the garbage, and hurry up & get to the bus stop. You'll be late for school, don't forget your lunch mommy made for you. Have a good day at school sweetheart.
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  • anonymous @ 04/14/16 07:31AM
    Ah ha hah ha ha, I just peed a little laughing so hard! What a fucking moron. I am sure he road the short bus to school. What was that a .22? The gun suited for assassination but not self defense. I saw a guy with my own eyes get shot 9 times and proceed to beat the shooter to death with his fists. The shooter had a .22 pistol and the victim was a fat guy. You might as well stab someone with a pencil.. if that was a deadly round we would have seen some fingers fly. Oh, by the way, fuck all those faggots wanting to use the ladies room. You better hope I don't fucking see you trying to go in there when my wife or daughter are in a public restroom. I will beat your ass and put a knife in you hand before I shoot you in the head.
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  • anonymous @ 04/14/16 03:07AM
    so the guy teaching or supervising didn't realize this was a bad idea either? people like this should test the firing against their head.
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  • basil @ 04/14/16 02:53AM
    hahaha what was the idiot thinking?
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  • anonymous @ 04/14/16 02:27AM
    Must have got his marksmanship medal in boot camp.
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