Drunk Stripper Kills Motorcyclist, Tries to Leave

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She pretty much retired after this 'brutal' scene LOL: Delivery boy doesn't know WTF to do MILF fucking goes for it at... a car dealership? Waterboarding is a FETISH now? dis is not da whey She swears she can turn a gay man straight "did I really just suck off three of my friends?!" How DEEP can this 19Y/O take it? Until she cries

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Ever see this MILF's killer home video? I could watch this busty girl fuck all day FOLLOW ME TO FUCKING PARADISE Kaley Cuoco SLIPPIN Frat boy secretly films banging 2 teens She'll take on ANY cock you give to her ASS! ASS ASS! ASS ASS! ASS ASS!


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Anonymous +0 Points June 7, 2016

I'll Tap Her.....

Anonymous +0 Points May 17, 2016


Human Been +0 Points October 30, 2015

Just poor Wigger trash! Listen to the pitiful creature trying to articulate her inane thoughts into a sentence.

Oh wait she will do a sentence!

7daysuntil +0 Points October 3, 2015

123asd +0 Points September 17, 2015

why doesnt donald trump watch this video fucken racist trash.

Relliklaires +0 Points September 6, 2015

Ah yes, gotta have some type of racial remarks/comments about "white" people. Maybe they should start a protest/riot and commence to destroying the very town they live in, because some "black" person was done wrong by a "white" person.

jim +0 Points September 5, 2015

hey fucking white people your a turd of shit color

NoSuchThingasanEducatedShitSkin +0 Points September 4, 2015

As soon as a shitskin is behind the cam. it's obviously going to be shit. What's up with these monkeys, still can't figure out simple tools.

imabigassfag! +0 Points September 4, 2015

Id so love to fuck that slut while her face is bleeding!! Id lick her nose too! I bet she has some nice sweaty feet for me to lick and suck clean!

lol +0 Points September 4, 2015

Nice video quality

worthless +1 Point September 3, 2015

someone please kill her

dack janiels -1 Points September 3, 2015

i'd still fuck her

Sorry SHOOSH -1 Points September 3, 2015

It's too late. I did

Deadlikecobain 😜🔫 +1 Point September 3, 2015

Disgusting, incoherent, white trash, drunken piece of shit. Ugly and flat chested stripper that's out at night? She must've started drinking early that day after her shift because that's the face of a B squad Tuesday afternoon girl. Enjoy your time in the drunk tank for vehicular manslaughter and fleeing the scene. I'm sure some drugs will be found in that car.

iso +2 Points September 3, 2015

classic priorities of the bloke with the camera.. you may of killed that guy...... you pissed yo self GOD dam

juanhunglow -1 Points September 3, 2015


yea +0 Points September 3, 2015

Tons of facts and makes sense. Go racism!

fucking white people -3 Points September 3, 2015

Typical white people. Drunk off their boxed wine, can't afford a taxi or a limo and blamo kill people. Shittiest race on this planet!


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