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Drunk Girl Claims This Was Rape

You be the judge. Comment below.

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Top Comment
notta @ 10/19/13 05:30AM
The pull-in from the back of the head says it all.

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User Comments (43)

guy @ 11/29/14 08:20PM
It's not rape, not really. But she was fucking drunk. She didn't know what the fuck she was doing. She was being a stupid teenager, as well as the guy.
Mgmtganj @ 11/08/14 12:56PM
milanimal @ 01/14/14 09:47PM
This is misinformation, this particular girl did not accuse anyone of rape. The girl in the news story who filed the rape report is Rachel Cassidy, the girl getting her vagina eaten out is not Rachel Cassidy but someone else.
tuna @ 11/27/13 07:39AM
whocares @ 11/17/13 11:38AM
Not rape, and the penalty for "claiming" rape, should be as bad as what a rapist gets.
Bratan @ 11/16/13 01:25AM
The cunt enjoyed it then. And now that she feel ashamed and embarrassed by her own action, she's trying to save face by calling it rape. Stupid cunt! She's the one that surely deserved prison time for lying to the police officers and ruining that dude's life. What a cunt!
Horsedonk @ 11/01/13 02:04AM
Poster girl for why cocaine should be legal.
Bullshit. @ 10/22/13 07:46PM
It is unbelievable that anyone would watch that and think rape. Are all Americans completely retarded? She grinds against his fucking face, pulls his head in. It's astounding to me that anyone would call that rape. You can't rape the willing. Americans have taken leave of their senses.
jj @ 10/21/13 12:44PM
Throw both of those skanky fucks in jail for being gross pieces of shit.
sol... @ 10/21/13 04:12AM
cant rape the willing
Hahah @ 10/20/13 11:44PM
It's embarrassing, she wishes she hadn't done it. She told her dopey fucking bitch friends "i didn't want to " and they said "well that's rape then!" and now there's a dude whose life may be ruined because this bitch can't live with her decisions.
DaRiv @ 10/20/13 05:26PM
That cunt in the Yellow Shirt has issues. She obviously used to take it in the ass regularly by her dad, brothers, and uncle. If you watch that whore getting her pussy ate was even sticking it out for him to get easy access. Even sticking it out every time he stopped. Pulling his face in and running her fingers thru his hair. She got harassed by the girls on campus and feels bad after doing something so stupid YES while being drunk. Now she has to live with it. But instead she wants to cry rape afterward. Unless she is talking about a later incident not shown on this video at home she does not remember because she was passed out or something, this whore is just a cunt who wants to hide he shame to her parents and peers with a rape cry.
rene @ 10/20/13 01:21PM
if this woman is saying she was raped here because she was drunk, what if the guy was drunk, would that mean she raped him also?
gavin Jenkinson @ 10/20/13 06:23AM
its rape she's out of it
nitrammada @ 10/20/13 06:02AM
Quite clearly, this is consensual sex. She is not fighting him off, she is not screaming for him to stop in anyway. Quite the opposite, she has her legs wide open, is grinding her pussy against his mouth, tensing up (which implies enjoyment), brushing back her hair, and alternating between cupping the back of his head as he goes to work and running the same right hand through the guys hair. Rape? What name so? Instead of backing this girl up, it seems that the girl in the news report should be denouncing her for being one of those girls who cries rape, therefore making it much more difficult for people to believe girls unquestioningly when they have actually been raped and making the lives of legitimate rape victims all the harder as a result.
asd @ 10/20/13 04:19AM
I fucking hate those scanks who regrets sex and call it rape. People like those don't know the consequences for the victim they charge this to. Being labeled as a sex offender by your freinds and family for the rest of your life and for what? because SHE just regretted it. people who charge fake rapes should have an even higher time than rape victims.
ohwell @ 10/19/13 09:26PM
She's drunk - in today's court you can't give consent if she's drunk - it's not right, but that's the way it is. I never take drunk chicks to my room for that very reason. Protect yourself first.
notherdude @ 10/19/13 08:17PM
OK so 4 guys are around and she never said "no or help"!!!! One word from her and that vid would be another ass kicking but it was what she wanted. So no way is this rape and everyone is stupid. Im out!
longDongL @ 10/19/13 05:16PM
what are genirdols?
yowza @ 10/19/13 04:37PM
regret is not rape
wawanco @ 10/19/13 04:36PM
no rape
o @ 10/19/13 02:50PM
What a fucking cunt.
Vehementi @ 10/19/13 01:30PM
Bacchus, the video wasn't in the news report lol. That was spliced in for our benefit.
what a cunt @ 10/19/13 01:07PM
just cos you are a fucking slut, dont try to ruin a mans life
Bacchus @ 10/19/13 11:52AM
I cannot believe this actually made WOW!
Suicidal @ 10/19/13 11:44AM
@Aschools The only thing you are is a LYING PIECE OF SHIT
darwin @ 10/19/13 10:13AM
The only thing she's fighting is orgasm.
notta @ 10/19/13 08:24AM
is that how unfair society is? You act like a whore and then get embarrassed and when you sober up and realize what a whore you were you cry rape. That is bullshit.
luv2shoot @ 10/19/13 08:19AM
yeah def rape, the way she is pulling his head closer into her pussy def shows how much she wants him to stop
Aschools @ 10/19/13 06:14AM
Im a detective and I know the law. This is rape
astrocock @ 10/19/13 05:49AM
its a case of embarrassment. girls is laughing and smileing thinks its funny as she's getting finger fucked and her clit licked.. people stop and watch and she allows folks to watch as we can tell theres atleast a crowd of 4.. she in order to save face runs to the police around the same time as the video hits the web.. the investigators will take that in account too the time between the point of the first video posted to when she went to the police..
darwin @ 10/19/13 05:17AM
It's World Star. My senses have been raped.
kozer @ 10/19/13 05:10AM
it really comes down to the double standard the bloke is a mad cunt (awesome) and the chick is a slut ( which she doesn't want to be viewed as) and rather take responsibility for her actions would rather call rape and get the bloke in legal trouble..... the world we live in hey
.. @ 10/19/13 03:31AM
So wait, if the video was of a girl giving a guy a blow job would anyone say 'that looks like a possible sexual assualt??
whatever @ 10/19/13 03:28AM
I got bored with this video and opted to watch that black dude horse fucking that little white chick outside in a public area and then I thought...ya know, to save herself a public indecency charge she could holler rape.
Disgusting @ 10/19/13 02:58AM
This has got to stop, women all over the world are falsely claiming rape on celebrities / normal people for attention and ultimately money.... They do it because there is VERY light repercussions once they're found to be False, basically a slap on the wrist ---- It is disgusting seeing Women back this up and yet again play the Sexist role yet again trying to make the male out to be a rapist Fuck humanity.
afsf @ 10/19/13 02:43AM
she is sure fighting him off fiercely lol
hahah @ 10/19/13 02:10AM
I'm not on her side, but unfortunately if she at any point said "Ok, that's enough. Stop" then the law is definitely on her side. The video shows she was willing to be a public slut that far but all it takes is one "no" from her and he's a rapist.
Twot @ 10/19/13 01:07AM
'All the facts' were in the video, the investigator was saying the 'attack' was caught on camera, suggesting this was said 'attack'. She's just a dumb whore who cried rape, I'm just glad there is this evidence that it was not. God only knows how many guys are locked up because of stupid lying bitches like this. They should lock her up for the false allegation alone
all the facts @ 10/19/13 12:57AM
I cannot say I heard anywhere that it was suggested that this was the "rape" the woman was claiming. And while she was certainly not struggling on the video - nothing to say she was not later raped (by the guy in green or someone else). Might want to know more facts before claiming her a liar.
mm @ 10/19/13 12:27AM
Are you fucking shitting me?! Bitch is a fuckin skank and that is in no way an assault.
Really @ 10/19/13 12:26AM
People act like who they really are when drunk. She is clearly a slut not a rape victim.