Drunk Girl Claims This Was Rape

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spiderweb66 +0 Points September 28, 2016

She's FOS! Ashamed of herself, she cries foul. It didn't look so traumatic when she had him by the ears.

Mgmtganj +0 Points November 8, 2014


tuna +0 Points November 27, 2013

Horsedonk +0 Points November 1, 2013

Poster girl for why cocaine should be legal.

jj +1 Point October 21, 2013

Throw both of those skanky fucks in jail for being gross pieces of shit.

ohwell +1 Point October 19, 2013

She's drunk - in today's court you can't give consent if she's drunk - it's not right, but that's the way it is. I never take drunk chicks to my room for that very reason. Protect yourself first.

longDongL -2 Points October 19, 2013

what are genirdols?

o +0 Points October 19, 2013

What a fucking cunt.

Vehementi -1 Points October 19, 2013

Bacchus, the video wasn't in the news report lol. That was spliced in for our benefit.

what a cunt +1 Point October 19, 2013

just cos you are a fucking slut, dont try to ruin a mans life

Bacchus +0 Points October 19, 2013

I cannot believe this actually made news..porn? WOW!

Suicidal -3 Points October 19, 2013

@Aschools The only thing you are is a LYING PIECE OF SHIT

darwin +4 Points October 19, 2013

The only thing she's fighting is orgasm.

astrocock +5 Points October 19, 2013

its a case of embarrassment. girls is laughing and smileing thinks its funny as she's getting finger fucked and her clit licked.. people stop and watch and she allows folks to watch as we can tell theres atleast a crowd of 4.. she in order to save face runs to the police around the same time as the video hits the web.. the investigators will take that in account too the time between the point of the first video posted to when she went to the police..

notta +5 Points October 19, 2013

The pull-in from the back of the head says it all.

.. +3 Points October 19, 2013

So wait, if the video was of a girl giving a guy a blow job would anyone say 'that looks like a possible sexual assualt??

afsf +4 Points October 19, 2013

she is sure fighting him off fiercely lol

mm +2 Points October 19, 2013

Are you fucking shitting me?! Bitch is a fuckin skank and that is in no way an assault.


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