Driving Cars In Russia Doesn't Look Like Fun

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lilzook +0 Points July 15, 2010

living in russia doesnt look fun

abc +0 Points July 14, 2010

everyones too drunk to drive there

che85mor +0 Points July 14, 2010

A) If you see a wreck in Russia, keep driving, you have no involvment in this.

B) Do not ever be first thru a light that just turned green. Russians are colorblind from too many harsh winters.

brooklyngod +0 Points July 14, 2010

.oh si.

... +0 Points July 14, 2010


blackass +0 Points July 14, 2010

sound affects r awesome! fuck whitey

anti-russian +0 Points July 14, 2010

omg fuckin spastics, cannot drive or see

umm +0 Points July 14, 2010

the added sound effects were 'driving' me crazy! then u hear 'dun tee dun' after every clip for some reason. fuckin russians

ah, mother russia +0 Points July 14, 2010

Stupid fucking russians. Notice that almost every video featured someone losing control at 100 mph. I guess Yugos weren't ment for those speeds.

wtf +0 Points July 14, 2010

this shit is nuts!

.... +0 Points July 14, 2010

that whole country is retarded,...

Marty +0 Points July 14, 2010

The same fucking sound effects, hooonkk..... crash....

dumb russians +0 Points July 14, 2010

Pretty sure they added the screeching and honking but seriously these russians are retarded, I would never ever go live there

dude +0 Points July 14, 2010

how drunk are people? Damn, they're stupid. Stupid road design, stupid driving culture, stupid people crossing 8+ lanes!? Fucking retarded.

ATSViper +0 Points July 14, 2010

How do you run into the side of a car (@ 4:40)?! Also I like how everyone honks right before they crash, like ....I'm going to fucking "HONNNKK" gotcha

foo +0 Points July 14, 2010

the video with the accidents from china was funnier. Guy at 4:40 was the best here.


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