Deer Goes On The Rampage, Attacks Family Dog

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My lil Pwny +0 Points June 24, 2010

I would have thrown a rock so hard at that deer I would have taken its head off

hmm +0 Points June 23, 2010

lol @ cat getting owned @ the end

hmm +0 Points June 22, 2010

Good reaction, bitch. Your dog almost got trampled to death and all you can do is shriek. A guy would have at least tried to scare it away.

lolz +0 Points June 22, 2010

That's what I call the Bambie pwns poochie woochie tapdance.

haha +0 Points June 21, 2010

dog got owned

mmm +0 Points June 21, 2010

I woulda charged the cunt of a deer and made it piss off

ATSViper +0 Points June 21, 2010

lol @lilzook, NO MERCY!!

lilzook +0 Points June 20, 2010

must be a russian deer

nathan Forrest +0 Points June 20, 2010

this is why it should be legal to discharge a firearm within city limits.

Concerned Citizen +0 Points June 20, 2010

Ummm....leash laws? This all could have been avoided if they'd curbed that thing like they were supposed to.

Fudgie +0 Points June 20, 2010

Dog-Getting-His-Ass-Kicked is going to be an awesome GIF.

darwin +0 Points June 20, 2010

As a long time hunter, rule #1 is when mama is protecting her brood, you leave.....quickly. Watch the way she slides to take the dog down, then is up and kicking before the dog know what hit him. And yes, it hurts (from experience).

a countrydogcansurvive +0 Points June 20, 2010

Could of been on a plate in the time it took the lady to screem, Chase the fucker! he wouldnt attack my dog. she that is.

Damn it! +0 Points June 20, 2010

You gotta love the dumb bitch yelling to the dear to "stop", like it's gonna fucking listen to her. Idiot.

for people who say shoot that shit +0 Points June 20, 2010

Yeah i bet everyone in that neighborhood is packing heat.. u morons

WTF +0 Points June 20, 2010

Tasty deer meat or a dead dog? Hmmm. Cmon pussys sort that fucker out. That cat had some serious balls btw

tugs +0 Points June 20, 2010

that dog is a pussy!

poor thing

ATSViper +0 Points June 20, 2010

dude, that's really sad. Hope the dog is ok.

poor dog +0 Points June 20, 2010

haha +0 Points June 20, 2010

"Yes, I got this new rug...what? Around...June 5th hunny? Don't mind the hole in it."

.. +0 Points June 20, 2010

shoot that shit

brooklyngod +0 Points June 20, 2010

*oh si*


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