DAMN SON: Ejected Driver Goes to the MOON

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Anonymous +0 Points June 30, 2017


Anonymous +0 Points January 19, 2016

he got his license from a cereal box

boom +0 Points January 19, 2016

team rocket is blasting off again

--huh-- +0 Points January 19, 2016

Need this to happen to more females so they can post to all their friends why they shouldn't text and drive anymore

Anonymous +0 Points January 19, 2016

Seatbelts people, SEATBELTS!!

Bill +0 Points January 19, 2016

and the driver was totally fine

Anonymous +0 Points January 19, 2016

he survived. apparently, he just broke one leg

Anonymous +0 Points January 19, 2016

yes, but did he stick the landing?

Basil +0 Points January 19, 2016

Looking for David Bowie......found him.


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