Cop Crushed At Blackhawk Celebration Parade

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hahaha +0 Points June 15, 2010

Fucking pigs. The one on the ATV should be shot.

umm +0 Points June 14, 2010

being run over by an ATV aint shit

lilzook +0 Points June 13, 2010

haha cops killing cops..i like the idea

Kwin +0 Points June 13, 2010

@fghdfgd right, and who's gonna protect your ass then? Or do you realy think you can scare burglers with your tiny penis? I'm not pro cop, I just think you have the brain capacity of a peanut

fghdfgd +0 Points June 13, 2010

youre an asshole.. what fucking job do you have besides jerking off in your parents house?

drew +0 Points June 13, 2010

now i'm usually for defending the cops, but this lame fuck cup on an ATV did that on purpose to scare and intimidate the crowd, not only did he intentionally try to run over pedestrians but he also took out one of his own..i hope he gets canned

ATSViper +0 Points June 13, 2010

Its only because she was a stupid fatass chick cop

milk +0 Points June 13, 2010

this is what happens when a team who hasnt won a championship, they forget to how to celebrate and accidents happen.

canadian hockeyfan +0 Points June 13, 2010

and this is why americans dont need the cup....

blackass +0 Points June 13, 2010

im glad my blackass wasnt there

wow +0 Points June 13, 2010

fuck that cop on the rtv hitting people that stupid bitch and what happened when he/she (looks like a dike) hit a cop, it was the people she would've hit with the rtv that helped the other cop get up

brooklyngod +0 Points June 13, 2010

thats fucked up 4 the cops. oh si

fghdfgd +0 Points June 13, 2010

hahahhahahhahahah stupid fucking cop. get a real job you dumb ass son of a bitch. go to college shithead


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