Bus Cam Catches Crazy High Speed Crash

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pixle +0 Points November 22, 2011

thats crazy

WoW +1 Point July 19, 2010

Wow that sucks.... its not even about the tires its hitting the debris period and making the car out of control

umm +1 Point July 12, 2010

damn, thats shitty.

WOW +1 Point July 12, 2010

The car hit a chunk of something in the road and the tire popped! Tragic accident!

Uranus +1 Point July 11, 2010

Chick's cultute...me me me and fuck YOU

lilzook +1 Point July 11, 2010

and thats y u have to check ur tires two times a month

smart guy +1 Point July 10, 2010

you're not supposed to stop on the freeway if there's an accident. i know it seems like the "right" thing to do, but the actual right thing to do is keep going.

OMG! +1 Point July 10, 2010

I TOTALLY LOVE THAT SONG! sucks for the car driver though

@hmm +1 Point July 10, 2010

he didn't mean slow down and stare, he meant ABSOLUTELY NOBODY stopped to help or call in the accident. The bus driver took two minutes just to get out of the bus for his casual stroll over to the car!

@chinks +1 Point July 10, 2010

bay area hardly has any chinks dumb fuck.

@hmm +1 Point July 10, 2010

maybe thats why we have so much traffic after an accident, because everyones a nosey fuck here and has to stop and look at what happened. nosey fucks

wow +1 Point July 10, 2010

that silver car was lucky as fuck

@ Chinks +1 Point July 10, 2010

Are you retarded? Do you see the back of the car come off the ground? ...I love how the bus drivers first mild concern is how the front of his bus looks after the bus he was driving just killed somebody.

dude +1 Point July 10, 2010

the Video is from Taiwan, u can hear it in the beginning. the other video with the female cop shooting the guy also is, since they still use taditional symbols

Chinks +1 Point July 10, 2010

Chinese is such an annoying language. Anyway, the driver panicked and swerved into the guard rail because SHE (no doubt) was chinese. I'm from the Bay Area. I know these things.

WOW......... +1 Point July 10, 2010

Sad no one stop to help. Any one knows what part of the world is this video from?

Ca$eY +1 Point July 10, 2010

Is afraid to drive on the highway now... will be looking for big rig tires now...

Brian +1 Point July 10, 2010

Noboy, and i mean nobody stops to help......unbelievable

ATSViper +1 Point July 10, 2010

Hit it just right and BAM!....bad day.

hmm +1 Point July 10, 2010

cool how people dont stop

Captain Obvious +1 Point July 10, 2010

Tires from a big rig peeled off on the middle of the road and the car hit a chunk and lost control

next +1 Point July 10, 2010

that last hit finished dude off

brooklyngod +1 Point July 10, 2010

oh si


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