Asshole of the YEAR Knocks Out Helpless Lady

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Anonymous +0 Points July 25, 2017

Wyd is wrong with the mayates(niggers)he thinks his a thug for knocking out an old if it looks like a monkey then it must be a monkey they have shit suit for brains

Anonymous +0 Points July 11, 2017

He deserves a violation from the LoCs for that hoe ass shit

cornbeef +1 Point June 19, 2017

Look at this mothafuckah...acting like a G after knocking out an old defenceless lady. Nigga please!

Corey777 +0 Points March 24, 2017

nope. die fucker.

raul +0 Points July 23, 2016

pinche negro culero de mierda

Anonymous +0 Points June 7, 2016

WHY Are All Of You Just Siting Down Doing Nothing.? Get Up Of Your Fucking FAT ASS And Do Something.!!!!! WHY Are You Whites Afraid Of Blacks.?

arabian weed +0 Points January 19, 2016

white people are weaks

Anonymous +0 Points November 23, 2015

if i was there i probably fuck this guy so hard that he never say anything his life... he is lucky!

Anonymous +0 Points November 14, 2015

IF a cop shoots him. The family will sue. They will name a street after him. Riots, Obama on Tv.

Human Been +0 Points October 30, 2015


--huh-- +0 Points October 23, 2015

Don't worry white people. Black people want to lynch him to

Anonymous +0 Points October 23, 2015

Лошара черножопая .

come in italy black monkey +0 Points October 23, 2015

come in italy black monkey and i will fucking kill you with my hands

Anonymous +0 Points October 22, 2015

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS??!! another poor innocent black boy arrested for no reason! Quick call the news, protest, burn cars and loot shops!!

Anonymous +0 Points October 22, 2015

they shudv kept going

mafkees +0 Points October 22, 2015

fucking retarded monkey i have something for him black mother fucker

purewhite +0 Points October 22, 2015

Nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga...nigga!

Anonymous +0 Points October 22, 2015


Anonymous +0 Points October 21, 2015

Fucking black shit people

Anonymous +0 Points October 21, 2015

The asshole is Ibn Hunter, 25 year old arrested on $100,000 bond and The victim was critically injured in the attack. this happened in Atlantic city.

Anonymous +0 Points October 21, 2015

Nobody cares when black ppl do this. But when one black kid get shot then its all #blacklivesmatter LOL.

Anonymous +0 Points October 21, 2015

Gaz chamber for this dude

kirby +0 Points October 21, 2015

house nhigger acting street

thats why them fucking black assholes should be removed from life -1 Points October 20, 2015


Anonymous -1 Points October 20, 2015

Hello black Jerry


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