Russian Kid Lured Into Vicious 2 on 1 Beating

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ODB +0 Points March 24, 2010

It´s like old dirty say´d Ill fuck your ass up !

Russian +0 Points March 24, 2010

Fucking pussys...

pfff +0 Points March 20, 2010

le pauvre...mais il resiste bien avec ses deux fils de pute

??? +0 Points March 19, 2010

those pussies didn't even knock him down!

damn +0 Points March 19, 2010

i think the guy in the orange wanted to make out with him at the end. The one dude was "hangin tough" just like the new kids on the block did

incredible +0 Points March 18, 2010

at least, do it one on one... cowards...

incredible... +0 Points March 18, 2010

bitch ass cowards...

brooklyngod +0 Points March 18, 2010

whatever. oh si

Riot +0 Points March 18, 2010

Russia it`s wilderness ...Asia NOT europe and cyvilization! One good think in this country are woman!Thats all and nothing more!

Russians are pussies! +0 Points March 18, 2010

Bring it here and i will take both you fucks out!

lilzook +0 Points March 18, 2010

2 on q and he still got with them..and who the fuck keeps giving these russians cameras

Filthy +0 Points March 18, 2010



geordie +0 Points March 18, 2010

vicious my ass them 2 fuckers couldnt fight out of a wet paper bag

Soupman +0 Points March 18, 2010

What happend they run out of vodka

Damn it +0 Points March 18, 2010

Kid fought back

Doc56 +0 Points March 18, 2010

Give the dude credit he held up

vodka +0 Points March 18, 2010

kid was being pretty tough at first. was holding his own vs 2 guys while taking some big hits.

eh +0 Points March 18, 2010

TRS -- Typical Russian Scum.


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