Russia Has Bizarre Ways of Training Troops

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blah +0 Points October 17, 2010

this is Azerbaijan army, not Russian, idiots.

Bob +0 Points October 16, 2010

Remember also that Russia has compulsory national service. If you are not well connected enough, this is where you spend your early 20s.

vkiip +0 Points October 15, 2010

LawL. why didnt they just say fuck it and start hitting them back? I know i would they got like a 91 to 2 ratio

lol +0 Points October 14, 2010

Russians are retarded, thats why they grow up to hate the world. Nobody likes Russians. FUCK RUSSIA.

lol +0 Points October 14, 2010

do those DI's grow up? I'm a fucking asshole but I don't go around kicking people to get them get them into shape

indeed +0 Points October 14, 2010

thats why im proud to be an american..

hmm +0 Points October 14, 2010

haha well noone ever said that the russians are smart, beating their own troops, good way to keep moral upp "my own country is kicking my ass WTF"

umm +0 Points October 14, 2010

soldier #7 is a pussy

fuck +0 Points October 14, 2010

fuck russia and obama

Steve +0 Points October 14, 2010

Thats just fucked up

Cury +0 Points October 14, 2010

Looked like the 3 Stooge's Boot camp at the capitol city of Moronica

just +0 Points October 14, 2010

you cunt it is not Russia

blackass +0 Points October 14, 2010

what? duff ur a jackass, that wont make me tuff that will make me dead cuz ill snap on a nigga

duff420 +0 Points October 14, 2010

if that dont make u tougher then i dunno wut will


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