Running Sucker Punch Obliterates This Guy

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hmmm +0 Points August 15, 2010

Yeah....your a fucking Hero buddy.

Next time try swinging when the guy is actually looking in your direction and see what the outcome is. Fucking sucker punching bitch.

Liam +0 Points August 15, 2010

He stole his sandwich no wonder hes mad

never trust +0 Points August 14, 2010

a cracker....

wtf +0 Points August 14, 2010

this is the biggest gathering of white trash i have ever seen in my entire life

des +0 Points August 14, 2010

just give him the WIMP ASS OF THE YEAR

. +0 Points August 14, 2010

fucking hillbilly

... +0 Points August 14, 2010

fuckin crackers don't have anything else to do? figures

.. +0 Points August 14, 2010

stupid crackers

brooklyngod +0 Points August 14, 2010

oh si

fuck you +0 Points August 14, 2010



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