Rumor Spreading Hoochie Attacked At Bus Stop

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lol +0 Points January 21, 2010

the family, dont disrespect it.

bluntweedspiderman +0 Points January 20, 2010

fuckin beaners

hater +0 Points January 20, 2010

heres a tip...when a spic is discussing a confliict with you and she keeps looking around to see if there are any cops around...that usually means shes gonna attack..especially when you turn your head as she did. another columbine high in the making.

brooklyngod +0 Points January 20, 2010

she got fucked up son. i guess she will think twice before talking shit again. oh si

Hogleg.. +0 Points January 20, 2010

If I was that poor girl i would hire big Bubba to ass fuck that bitch until she bled to death. What a punk..

ugh... +0 Points January 20, 2010

That little loser will be back on here soon; taking it in the ass just like she took it in the face!

umm +0 Points January 20, 2010

dont disrespect the Hernandez family essay.....

Doc56 +0 Points January 20, 2010

Old vid but lil bunny foo foo got bopped onher head

Too funny +0 Points January 20, 2010

'Don't disrespect the family'...what the hell does she think she just did? Now her family's name is her.

damn +0 Points January 20, 2010

this shit made me hard

me +0 Points January 20, 2010

ugly girls always picking on the cute ones.mmm

Typical +0 Points January 20, 2010



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