Roller Coaster Girl Can't Hold The Puke Back

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not mexican! +0 Points October 28, 2010

you stupid ass white boyz, that fat bitch wasn't mexican. not sure what fucken language she was speaking. you all are a bunch of stupid inbred idiots!

Steve +0 Points October 26, 2010

The third and fourth time she puked was oh so nice

umm +0 Points October 25, 2010

MEXICANS ROCK!!! fuckin beaners are funny as hell. nah, but for real, mexicans are gross and that was a funny fuckin video. the amount of puke that came out of that mini beaner slut's mouth was epic!

asd +0 Points October 24, 2010

good, she lost those 2 very uneeded pounds.

rabidus 13 +0 Points October 23, 2010

big ass fuckin bet ya...thats some funny shit ....

wtf? +0 Points October 23, 2010

Why did everyone seem to be celebrating when she was puking? I knew mexico was dirty, but I was not aware that they enjoyed vomit showers.

hahaha +0 Points October 23, 2010

funny ass shit.

lolzzzz +0 Points October 23, 2010

I fucking wanna eat that. Then fuck a hobo.

lolzzzz +0 Points October 23, 2010

Haha you dumb fat fuckin spic bitch, go chow on some more chulupas now you cow whore.

stupify +0 Points October 23, 2010

so who wants some clamchowder

serge26d +0 Points October 23, 2010

Pizza,,, before ride? hahaha

serge26d +0 Points October 23, 2010


darwin +0 Points October 23, 2010

Look at her arms. She won't miss it.

faggatyjoe +0 Points October 23, 2010

that just opened my appetite!

lol +0 Points October 23, 2010

anyone else have a big ass grin on the entire time while watching this video?

JJ +0 Points October 23, 2010

haha fat bitch

ummmm +0 Points October 23, 2010

did she lose those 5lbs she wanted to lose to eat more taco bell?

che85mor +0 Points October 23, 2010

cameraman @ the end should be beaten.


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