Rival Soccer Fans Absolutely Destroy Train

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Brit +0 Points September 30, 2010

Just for the few of you who weren't aware. This is NOT in Britain. Its a video of someother Eurotrash yobs.

nightsaints +0 Points September 29, 2010

Soccer fans are that ghetto? Oh, wait this must be somewhere in Eurotrash!

English.Sheep.Shaggers +0 Points September 29, 2010

kliso, In Spain every calls you English.Sheep.Shaggers, as you actually fuck sheep, not a joke like the other countries.

hahaah +0 Points September 28, 2010

How are they going to get home??

brooklyngod +0 Points September 28, 2010

more shit 4 brains, assholes, worthless human beings at work, so what else is new. oh si

Brooklyngods Mom +0 Points September 28, 2010

Soccer players are homos just like my son. Oh si.

FUck +0 Points September 28, 2010

These are fucking russian redneck morons, you can hear in language and the type of train used. Fucking morons. I hope that fucking country dies out already.

@kliso +0 Points September 28, 2010

Actually, it's the Welsh that shag sheep, you thick cunt.

Alabama Honky +0 Points September 28, 2010

I didnt know they had trains in Detroit

kliso +0 Points September 28, 2010

Oh look at me i'm hard, bunch of typical English.Sheep.Shagging cowards.

bigmac +0 Points September 28, 2010

the game is called FOOTBALL not fuckin soccer

lolol +0 Points September 28, 2010

I still don't understand how a sport filled with drama-queen pussies have such hardcore fans.

jonah +0 Points September 28, 2010

english yobs were doing this 30 years ago but seem to have grown out of it.

Uh... +0 Points September 28, 2010

What exactly did that accomplish?

Cuntflaps +0 Points September 28, 2010

Fucking morons. Just as bad as white rednecks.

blackass +0 Points September 28, 2010

whoa wee whoa


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