Rapist Scare Turns Into Hilarious Interview

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lilzook +0 Points August 1, 2010

lmfffffaoooo..no way this was real..

asd +0 Points July 31, 2010

haha, you have to watch the video on youtube called Bed Intruder Song. The guy actually made a kick ass song using this crackheads words. It's a riot.

Huntsville Detective +0 Points July 31, 2010

It was probably the leprechaun that did this.

Mactank +0 Points July 30, 2010

He sounds like donkey from Shrek!

LmAO!!! +0 Points July 30, 2010

Is that how Goofy would look if he was black? hahaha he looks like hoodfy LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

ds +0 Points July 30, 2010

haha dood is a crack head

wtf +0 Points July 30, 2010

that nigga gayer than fuck

lol +0 Points July 30, 2010

dusted for prints. what a waste of tax payer's money. funny.

hairy Krumb +0 Points July 30, 2010

Looks like I know where im taking my vacation...

umm +0 Points July 30, 2010

the homo made me L.O.L.

Yeuuutt +0 Points July 30, 2010

Lololol....what a faggot

chuck +0 Points July 30, 2010

cant say there not fun to watch.

... +0 Points July 30, 2010


Noob +0 Points July 30, 2010

inb4 racist trolls!

LOL +0 Points July 30, 2010



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