Purse Snatcher Gets Outdone By A Woman

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She pretty much retired after this 'brutal' scene LOL: Delivery boy doesn't know WTF to do MILF fucking goes for it at... a car dealership? Waterboarding is a FETISH now? dis is not da whey She swears she can turn a gay man straight "did I really just suck off three of my friends?!" How DEEP can this 19Y/O take it? Until she cries

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Ever see this MILF's killer home video? I could watch this busty girl fuck all day FOLLOW ME TO FUCKING PARADISE Kaley Cuoco SLIPPIN Frat boy secretly films banging 2 teens She'll take on ANY cock you give to her ASS! ASS ASS! ASS ASS! ASS ASS!


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white power +0 Points October 11, 2010

Hahahaha couldnt even jack and old lady. Fukin spics are useless once again. unless u need ur car washed

faggatyjoe +0 Points October 1, 2010

quick, throw him a banana!!

.... +0 Points October 1, 2010

I mean rather then run from all your fucking problems, your family and friends problems and everyone elses problems who is fleeing to the U.S, why not unite and try to better your fucking country rather then rely on the almighty god to fix your problems..

haha +0 Points October 1, 2010

crazy old asian woman.

.... +0 Points October 1, 2010

wish the fuckers who come to America for a better life, actually tried for once and also respect our laws rather then bring the problems and shit they left their crappy country for to us.

this pisses me off. +0 Points October 1, 2010

I don't think this was a black man though looks more like a silly mexican to me. which is...

Pundit +0 Points October 1, 2010

Scumbag. I don't like living in a surveillance society any more than the next guy, but as long as we have no choice, hopefully the cops will finally get off their lazy asses and actually catch one of these assholes from time to time.

Curious +0 Points October 1, 2010

Another worthless weakling Nigga crime clip. How proud we all should be that they are teaching each other entrepreneurial skills

brooklyngod +0 Points October 1, 2010

fuck man, that women is one tough cookie. she took a couple of punches and being dragged around but didnt give up the purse. that robber is a bitch and more important a loser in life. oh si


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