Punk Kid Picks A Fight With The Wrong Dude

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Hey, Nat +0 Points May 15, 2010

Take Rush Limbaugh's dick out of your mouth.

i have a bowl cut +0 Points May 14, 2010


brooklyngod +0 Points May 14, 2010

lol at callmesir comment. oh si

da Da +0 Points May 14, 2010

The Kid in Red made a good first contact, but then gave up after that. Anyways...is it me or is that kid holding the can, that comes up close to the fight, have white clown shoes on?

HA HA HA +0 Points May 14, 2010

ha ha ha ha ha... weak ass fight... Neither one could fight..

What Bitches +0 Points May 14, 2010

Some one bring in a couple of them Russian Girls they will kick all these skinny boys asses ! WTF I feel like I guess watched a gay wrestling match

? +0 Points May 14, 2010


This isn't england you fucking fat cunt +0 Points May 14, 2010

Fuck me Americans really are one step below apes. Any you have the ugliest women on earth. Way to go cunts

wtf +0 Points May 14, 2010

do they feed the population of england/london/faggots/limey bitches....whatever u wannna call them, do they feed their skinny asses crack cuz i could break all them bitches hahaha

Liam +0 Points May 14, 2010

Pair of homos

lilzook +0 Points May 14, 2010

in the words of lil wayne...2 bitches in each other pussy

! +0 Points May 14, 2010

This fight is so gay. but what do you expect from white guys.


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