Punk Gets Humiliated By Little Twirp Half His Size

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rob +0 Points March 28, 2010

that little squirt would have been killed if the adult (father or much older brother) wasn't ready to put down the camera and jump in. you can hear the guy talking and the kid keeps looking at him while he's filming it.

mike ock +0 Points March 27, 2010

that little twerp is wearing capries!! lost all cool points

oh si +0 Points March 24, 2010

The little kid had bigger kids in the background who the punk with the purse would have been scared of. oh si

indiana +0 Points March 24, 2010

its a satchel.. Indiana jones had one

brooklyngod +0 Points March 24, 2010

whatever. oh si

cameraman +0 Points March 24, 2010

must be big or something

SpongeBoB Square Head +0 Points March 24, 2010

I would have kicked that tiny little have breed mother fuckers ass >

umm +0 Points March 24, 2010

here was a little smaller but definitely not "half his size". the little kid probably had friends there who woulda jumped in.

latino302 +0 Points March 24, 2010

they are little punk kids who need a lesson. my son woulkd get slapped if he was acting like that.

Doc56 +0 Points March 24, 2010

Put yer purse down and fight ya pussy

umm +0 Points March 24, 2010

the little kid obviously has boys with him

Not convinced +0 Points March 24, 2010

I mean the guy is carrying a purse - what were you expecting

alan +0 Points March 24, 2010

i fucked that up...wears*

Alan +0 Points March 24, 2010

Its not a purse..its a satchel...indiana jones wheres one


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