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Capital +0 Points February 28, 2015

put him in a jail

fff +0 Points February 25, 2015

fuck nigga people seriously

NoSuchThingasanEducatedShitSkin +0 Points January 11, 2015

This could possibly be the most annoying shitskin ever, someone please shoot it.

HA ha -1 Points January 10, 2015

Just read he was arrested for this. His name is Von Mar, some wanna be rapper.... any negro that can rhyme can make a nickel flapping their lips in the rapping!

"C" +0 Points January 10, 2015

"They treat us different, look down on us, people cross the street when they see us, hold on to their purses tighter when we pass by, get off an elevator when we get on, shoot us for no reason, follow us around a store". I WONDER WHY?

fucking wog +0 Points January 10, 2015

I am waiting in anticipation of the video where he is put in a coffin - RIP Nigga (Rest In Piss)

Sad +0 Points January 9, 2015

Someone please put this pile of shit in a coffin!!

lance-a-lot +0 Points January 9, 2015

you let them off the chains for one min

haha +0 Points January 9, 2015

Al Sharpton must be proud.

TheFunk +0 Points January 9, 2015

I can't wait to see the news report that says he was shot and killed by some women that he scared that had a gun in her purse.

dfasf +0 Points January 9, 2015

I hope one of these days they put a sharp rod between those shelves and he impales himself.

Eugene TB +1 Point January 9, 2015

Cant wait to the one where he snaps his spine

kenpoo +0 Points January 9, 2015

its the world thats full of racists, not just shooshtime lol .....

it's +2 Points January 9, 2015

it's surprising how he's not sitting in jail yet.

dumpdump -2 Points January 9, 2015

fuck shooshtime is full of racists. White people do this shit all the time, a black guy does it all of sudden hes a monkey? fuckin logic 101 red necks.

juanhunglow +2 Points January 9, 2015

this is the same piece of shit from the 711 video a few days ago. cant believe he has the energy to be a full time piece of shit after working all day.

joe +2 Points January 9, 2015

kill it with fire!!! it's too stupid to live!! it can only survive on welfare.

City +2 Points January 9, 2015

Fucking black cunts! No wonder we used to hang them on tress


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