Girlfriend's "Prank" Crosses the Damn Line


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hahah +0 Points April 1, 2015

he ran straight to the bedroom because he's already plotting his revenge sex

hahah +0 Points April 1, 2015

dude is so pussy whipped by this girl and i can't really blame him..

notta +0 Points April 1, 2015

You know he thought when he was blindfolded that she brought a girlfriend over.

kenpoo +0 Points April 1, 2015

that was fuckin hilarious !

beefy +0 Points April 1, 2015

girl hot vid dumb

lolll +0 Points April 1, 2015

Those czech girls tho.

darwin +0 Points April 1, 2015

Come out. Put on blindfold. Walk. Sit. Stand. Walk. Sit. Good doggy.

lol +0 Points April 1, 2015

Happy Birthday & Surprise Mother Fucker!

To the chink hater +0 Points April 1, 2015

Your safe fuckface, never have to worry about your boyfriend pulling this prank on you! You need balls for it to work.

"C" +0 Points April 1, 2015

Mine nuttin is stuckin in hein assholden


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