A Guy would be Arrested Doing this 'Prank'

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Big Black +0 Points April 5, 2015

I thought it was pretty funny when her response was "Oh it's just me?"

yeh +0 Points April 4, 2015

wonder why the last guy had 2 drinks on the table and was sitting so far over on the tables edge

These are all fake videos +0 Points April 4, 2015

The kisser is simply working with her undercover friends, pretending to be strangers. This is an act. The stranger, if any, may have been informed in advance and prepped to do a quick video shoot and "act" as if they're being approached by this whore to kiss them. I don't think this is "reality TV" but rather a well choreographed act where every single person is an actor for about five minutes until the video shoot is completed.

MaRaWaNNa +0 Points April 4, 2015

I could understand if she was fat or ugly, but really?

MaRaWaNNa +0 Points April 4, 2015

Sheesh ALL were gay but ONE? SAD this country's going gay !

lol +0 Points April 4, 2015

Yuck! Herpes

darwin +0 Points April 4, 2015

Guarantee the last guy got dumped on April 3.

humm +0 Points April 4, 2015

@ im yo... : "exacuted?" You sir are in such a hurry to express your racists ignorance that you are exposing your general ignorance. Another thing - if you are the daddy doesn't that mean that you have sexual liaisons with black women. I thought that you hate them. Yes you sir are EXTREMELY confused.

im yo daddy black boy +0 Points April 4, 2015

black peoples are filthy and should be exacuted

juanhunglow +1 Point April 4, 2015

@old black it would not be a black man but a pack of black men with several of them yelling worldstar

She is a Girl +1 Point April 4, 2015

It worked, because she is a girl. if white or black man tried this he will be arrested.

Old Black Dying Man -1 Points April 4, 2015

Only a white bitch could get away with this. If a black man tried this on white people, he'd be arrested. That is how the justice system works in America.


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