OOPS! Walked in too early, but he still scored!

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anonymous -_- +1 Point November 19, 2015

She's hot. But on a side note-1 vote on the video?(yes it's me) I know there's more than 1 register. Please VOTE. Do you realize votes=POINTS! If you just vote on all videos(up or down)+ photos. Yes a vote on every 20 Pics also counts as points. You don't have to watch or make comments. Just vote! Every Register has the opportunity to get 50 points a day easily without a lot of effort. SHOOSH adds those points. 50 a day=350 a week. Over 1k a month. In 3+1/2 months you would have over 4k points+ be in the top 10 among users. No excuse! I've seen Registers here for more than 2 years+ not in top 10. WTF! TRY VOTING! What's the point of being Registered if your not going to vote(elections I understand to a degree) I'll tell you a secret. The secret to getting points is not comments, not BC, not C.O.T.D. It's voting! Why do you think Darwin got it. David0175 gets it. Ok, I'm done. Last words. VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!


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