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Anonymous +0 Points December 25, 2017

her accent makes me soft :P

Anonymous +0 Points December 24, 2017

being muslim is the new black. fucking niggers.

Anonymous +0 Points December 25, 2017

@Anonymous i bet your mom got caught sucking a black cock

Anonymous +0 Points December 27, 2017

@Anonymous yeah dude i dont think he was talking about actual black coloured people but just muslims, nothing to do with race. But only a dumb american like you could false interpret a simple sentence. Which leads to my conclusion that you probably are black and act like ur entitled to something just cuz of what happend in the passed that had nothing to do with you cuz u wasnt there. And im truly sorry for you as a human if ur still that low and see skin colour.

Anonymous +0 Points December 26, 2017

@Anonymous yeah your taf..backwards

Amousmous +0 Points December 24, 2017

my sweet apple

Anonymous +0 Points December 24, 2017

No shit Sherlock!

AnonyXmous +0 Points December 24, 2017

Today's Sunday


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