It cost $5,000, but it's worth it to FUCK HER!

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Anonymous +0 Points May 30, 2017

Think he means the cost of renting the yacht

nice +0 Points May 29, 2017


Anonymous +0 Points May 16, 2017

Is that the OA?

Anonymous +1 Point May 15, 2017

Nice frikkin wart on her neck

Anonymous +0 Points May 14, 2017

I've gotten far better blowjobs from prettier girls for 50 bucks.. what is this madness

Anonymous +1 Point May 14, 2017

She's a $300 value at the best. And I see escort often.

Anonymous +0 Points May 14, 2017

Too short penis. Because he is white American.

Anonymous +1 Point May 14, 2017

I think the cost is in direct proportion to what a loser he is, which is saying even more considering how ugly this girl is. Any girl that isn't hit by the ugly bus would take this dude for at least 50K

Anonymous +1 Point May 14, 2017

Anybody that paid $5000 to fuck this bitch is a retard! She is a butterface 7 at best.

Anonymous -1 Points May 14, 2017

Piper Perri on vacation is so hott.

Anonymous +0 Points May 14, 2017

That's about $2,500 per inch of cock she was able to get in her mouth!

Anonymous +0 Points May 14, 2017

A*. So few porn videos out there focus on what really matters: The dude's hairy bellybutton rising and falling as he cums on her face.

Anonymous +1 Point May 14, 2017

Taylor Whyte


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